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Tight or Loose blunts/joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shadyonedeath, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. What's the difference? My friend was trying to roll a really loose packed blunt, while I, roll my blunts a bit tight by applying pressure when forming the weed while rolling up and down.
  2. Umm loose ones let the bud fall out? Thats like askin the difference between tight and loose jeans haha
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  3. Loose ones burn faster, don't hit as well, while tight ones last longer and I find that you get more solid, even puffs.

    edit: I've had tight schwag joints that don't hit at all, but I've never had a nug joint that was too tight :smoke:
  4. tight. tastes better. burns better. burns slower.

    theres no reason to roll anything loose.
  5. don't actually want it to be tight, or loose lol, you want it to be justtt right.
    If it's too tight you won't even be able to hit it, and if it's too lose shit's gonna be falling out all over the place and it will most likely run like a track star.

    However I've found that when I roll them just a little too tight (blunts), and I'm sparking know, couple hits..I'll have to roll it around and let a little bud fall out of the back for it to loosen up a bit, but I've also noticed that when they're a little too tight they tend to loosen up themselves as you're smoking them, but mostly where the cherry is, rest stays a tad bit tight, if that makes any sense to you lol.
  6. tight ftw

    thanks for input
  7. Another question:

    What defines a "blunt"?

    Is it any weed rolled in tobacco wrap/paper?
  8. You want them tight, but not too tight, or else they won't burn at all or hit poorly.

  9. yep, pretty much.
  10. Tight is better until it gets to the point where you can't draw on it, then looser becomes king
  11. No, no paper. That would be a joint.
    It will either be rolled in a blunt wrap, like zig zag or platinums, or rolled in a cigar with the tobacco gutted out.
  12. Too loose will give you monster rips but very inconsistent burning, and frankly your gonna be coughing on all that smoke anyways. Too tight, and it won't pull correctly. You need to find that "perfect" middle ground. Not too tight, yet not too loose.

  13. when he said paper, i think he meant wrap.
  14. Its all about finding that perfect balance, not too tight nor too loose
  15. yea this.

    check it out. About .7 grams of this special-k/super crystal mix.

  16. Loose if I'm by myself. Tight if I'm with others, or if I'm travelling.
  17. you take joints in the plane? xD
  18. @[member="shadyonedeath"], wtf kinda cell phone is that?
  19. I like my joints like I love a girls pussy, tight!


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