tight cops.

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    i love em.
    so me n my friend skipped last block at my school today.
    i walked down to the gas station to pick up a couple blunts.
    i decided to just go in the bathroom n roll the blunt at the gas station.
    well we start walkin back to school and our friend was almost out of her class to drive us home n smoke the blunt on the way.
    when a fuckin cop on a golf cart patrolling the schools area see's us.
    he decides to come see why were outside of school because he recognized us.
    well my friend had the fuckin blunt in his hand cus he asked to see it. so i just let him considering the fact we still had like 5 minutes til we'd be on school property.
    he tries to shove it in his pocket before the cop could notice.
    and the cop goes, what are you guys doing outside of school? and i just go uuummm..
    he replies idc if u guys are skippin just tryin to find out whats up.
    i tell him that i had a project due in my last block and my friend says he has a test in that block and wasn't ready for it.
    so he then asks what my firned put in his pocket and says word for word once he see's the blunt "Put that shit away, youre by the school and i dont want blunts bein smoked around here. There's shitty cops that would love to fuck you over for that."
    me n my friend just shocked cusi JUST got charges dropped the day before just walk back to school suprised as fuck.
    probly my tightest expierience with a cop.
  2. whoa thats awesome. I've never had a run in with the cop involving bud and hopefully I never have to. But yeaa, sick story :D
  3. so lucky man. I was caught on Friday with no more than a half gram of bud and i got a ticket, court date, referral to the student affairs office, meet with the dean, the works. I just cant believe I have to go through all this effort for something so minuscule and small.
  4. trust me man.
    not all the cops are straight.
    they called me down like 2 months ago for ' selling vicodin '
    which ive never sold in my life.
    but they had to search me for procedure or w/e so i gave him my cigs which werent a big deal.
    then he told me to take off my shoes and had a fuckin gram.
    now i get random tests all year and got court wednesday.
  5. Some kind of popo detective was in my house with my shit stashed under the coffee table.

  6. .....nice, care to elaborate?
  7. Unrelated to weed.

    We get a knock on the door in the afternoon and I go look at the peephole and its an old man dressed normally.

    I just assume its the maintenance guy at my complex. I open and he says hes a detective and wants to know about my friend who got busted in some delivery scam. My room mate hears him and hides everything under the table.

    We had to give written statements while my heart is beating a mile a minute. He even saw our makeshift water bong from a giant gatorade bottle sitting on the kitchen counter but never mentioned it.

    Luckily it was a few hours since we smoked so he couldnt smell it.

    I've never seen him again.
  8. he let you go because there wasn't enough room to put you both in the golf cart
  9. You don't write like you go to school. They let you turn your papers in like that?

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