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Tight buds

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dgrows, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. I have a quick question that hopefuly someone can help me with. My last harvest turned out really good except for one thing. You know how tight the buds are when you buy hydro on the streets? Well mind ended up being considerably loose more like schwag but without the seeds.. Is there some kind of secret to getting the buds tight and compact like you see in high times or when you buy it on the streets?
  2. What Kind of lighting did you use during your flowering?
  3. 400w HPS
  4. might depend on the strain
  5. I hope so this time around I am doing fullmood and black jack you know much about these strains and how the buds look dried?
  6. There is four things you need to have tight buds-

    1. The right genetics/strain
    2. The right growing conditions/enviroment
    3. HEAPS of light

    And lastly, know how!!!!!!!

    Most times, the stuff on the street has come from the big guys that through experience can produce a saleable product.

    Good luck with your next grow!!!!!!!!
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    I think I have good genetics/strain this go around and growing conditions i believe is better this time. Lighting I am sure I can always add more light doing a scrog grow this time. Now the know how this one I need help with can anyone give me more tips or pointers for me to focus on???:smoking:
  8. Can anyone give me more input? Come on I know that there are so many pros out there just give me a little input on what to do and how to do it:D
  9. I would suggest you just google it. I generally get good info that way from various sites. But what they all said is right, it depends on strain, lighting, nutrients. I heard increasing the P in the N-P-K during flowering will help also. Good luck!!
  10. Ty i will google but in the mean time anyone with more info please feel free to put ur 2cents in...

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