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  1. So I'm looking to grow and I've done all this research and found all these cool ideas, methods and words and have seen pics of huge weed plants which I'd like to one day produce something similar too. I've been bookmarking pages, hearting supplies on amazon, saving videos etc. However one overarching theme in all this, while it's quite intriguing and has gotten me more interested in gardening as a whole even outside of gardening and cultivating cannabis, all this stuff seems so expensive. The cheapest idea I've found, which I am hoping to try is the spacebucket method to start out. I've seen a 100 dollar model which promises to yield one oz if used correctly and 2 if taken to its full potential. But I was wondering if someone knows even less costly ways than this, or if not how to ensure I maximize such a method as fully as possible so that I might encourage major growth which will in turn inspire high potency, massive product until I can move forward to getting something better like a large grow tent, the pH trackers and adjusters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. All the more in depth equipment I'll be able to invest in when I move to a more large scale operation. But as of right now I'm just looking for tips and tricks to make my start up as efficient and cost effective as possible. Not expecting to be able to grow pounds upon pounds or anything but I want as much of the best quality bud as I can produce given my current, humble stature in the community. Thanks in advance for all responses.
  2. You can get by fairly inexpensive if you're only growing one plant. The light will be the biggest expense.

    3.5 - 5 gallon bucket - $5.00
    Perlite - 4 cu.ft. $20.00
    Nutes - GH MaxiBloom is inexpensive compared to most - $16.00
    pH drops and pH Up and Down (cheaper than a meter) - $14.00
    300w Chinese blurple light - $79.00

    I assume you have a place to grow?

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
  3. cost effective is great, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. aside from construction materials, you can literally grow with cfl bulbs and dirt from outside. if you dont have to worry about smell or detection because you are legal, you can grow in the open and wont need exhaust. but 10 cfl bulbs and splitters and you can be growing start to finish. you wont get a ton, but you will be growing for like $30. or you could start small. for seedlings you need one cfl and 2 cups and organic soil. and that gives you 2 weeks before you need another bulb. and then 2 weeks before you need 2 more bulbs and new pots and soil. see what I mean? the grow is going to take between 4-7 months. while it's advisable to have everything now, it isn't necessary. hope that helps.
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  4. It's crazy people still use cfl bulbs..they aren't as readily available as they once were and they sell led bulbs at walmart..4 for 8$

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  5. Pick a closet..line with security blanket get 2 fans some light sockets and led bulbs a bucket some dirt and plant food. Might not be the biggest best plant but it will yield something and cost less than 100..you can always buy chinese led floodlights and use those as well

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  6. If youre in a legal state check craigslist for used grow equipment thats where i orignally got my starter kit for 150
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  7. Just for grins and giggles, I tried to figure out the cheapest configuration *for me*.
    I have a spare bedroom; smell does not matter. I want to grow two plants.
    I dedicated 2 foot by 4 foot as my space, hung an eight-bank 4 foot T5 fixture.
    A simple timer, a simple floor fan, some ratchet hangers, fabric pots, soil, fertilizer, warm bulbs, trays...
    all the little unknows... like seeds.
    (I tried a GOOD purple light,but that requires a space all its own; it is blinding. (that lasted 2 hours))
    I cannot get away for under $200; probably $250, in the end.
    If you care...
    No one cares, I tell ya!
  8. Man everyone has got great suggestions and that is what you asked for but I will give you my opinion. So from your post it seems you are going to be interested and want to continue this hobby. By the time you are about half way through flower your gonna think to yourself, I want some better lights for my next grow. When this happens you get mad and you throw away all your crappy CFL and fixtures and send even more money on a nice light this time. So I say you buy 1 hlg 100 for 100 us dollars put it in a closet with white walls and put them in the sun whenever possible to get you the boost in light power you need for flower. Whatever you get enjoy the adventure cuz it's a blast and no matter how small your plant is you can still get at least 1 fire nug off each plant. Lol
  9. Welcome Newgrowth99.

    I’m celebrating my fourth anniversary of my first ever grow this month. It was a simplistic grow in which I committed most every mistake I could make.

    I’ve never used the space bucket concept but have often marveled at what some folks have done. However, if you’re a bit of a DIY’er you can build a decent 2’x1 1/2’x4’ grow box for the price of a single piece of sheetrock and a couple of studs; $15-20 in my area.

    CFL’s are becoming extinct. Screw in LED’s are now less expensive in most areas and are far more efficient. Unfortunately, individual sockets can be as expensive as the bulbs themselves. My last grow was in a 2x4x6 grow box using 20) 10w 5000k SIL’s with very satisfactory results. I love experimenting and my next grow is going to be under 2) 60w 5000k LED floods I sourced from amazon for $34 for the pair. I feel this is going to be adequate for a couple of plants in a 3 sqft footprint.

    I’ve used GH Floranova Bloom ($16) in rag bags full of coco/perlite exclusively with good success.

    You’ll need a 4” inline duct fan ($18) for exhaust. Depending upon your circumstances a filter may be necessary but that’s gonna bust yo budget. May find plans for a DIY unit.

    By the time you added in the cost of seeds, timer, hardware, etc you’d bust your 100 buck budget a bit with these plans but would have the ability of easily growing 2 plants with prospects of up to about 4 oz.

    Good luck
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  10. These might not be the best but you can flower and get at the least 1 to 2 oz. With these Screenshot_20190705-115053_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190705-115103_eBay.jpg

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