Tiger pattern on 1 plant, curving & clawing on the other? HELP!

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  1. OOOOOk so,
    I was having slight nute burn a few days back so I watered with ph water then skipped a day of watering. They seemed to be doing well so I hit them with a lower dose of nutes this time around.They were looking good so I watered with ph water next day and now they are drooping or curving down a bit on the purple cheese. The tips are clawed on some leaves. Now with the OA... I'm not sure what that double "tiger/web" looking pattern is on the lead but I'm pretty sure it's not normal. Does anyone know? First time grower so I'm pretty nervous about this.
    I did LST the Purple cheese maybe 3 days ago. I want to LST the Amnesia but I'm scared to mess with her cause her leaves. Would it be smart to leave her alone and skip on that. Both plants are Day 27 from Sprout.

    Info:Coco/perlite 5Gallon fabric pots 300w led veg and bloom switch on 800w led Fox farms hydro grow big Fox farms big bloom Rhizotonic Calmag 18/6 light schedule Rh: 40-60% Temp: 77-84f Ph & Nute Solution: 5.6-6.0 Ec levels are still in the 800's due to the nute burn

    Ill add photos below...
  2. Good idea.
  3. Original Amnesia

    Purple cheese

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  4. New to this site sorry lol

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  5. You said you were growing in coco/perlite - what size container did you start in? What's your feeding schedule? What's the pH of your run off? Are you feeding to run off every time? Did you pre-charge the coco?
  6. I started off in the 5 gallon pots since they're autos and I didn't want to transplant.
    First week of feeding and so far it's been ....
    (Nute burn)
    Ph water
    Ph water
    I'm not sure if I should water or what to water with (nutes or just water since there seems to be something going on with both of them)
    The Amnesia feels pretty wet still from the last water but the purple cheese feels light so it needs something today.
    I usually water before they sleep but I didn't know what to do for today and
    They just went down for their nap just now.

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  7. Not feeding to runoff every single time just yet. First runoff I checked was at 5.9 after the first time I watered with nutes.

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  8. And yes I precharged the coco with calmag

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  9. Coco should never be given just water and it should never be allowed to dry out. Using just water messes up the Cation Exchange Capacity and drying out causes excessive salt build up. Always feed to run off - it replenishes the nutes and pulls in fresh oxygen to the root zone. I feed my plants everyday from the day they sprout and twice a day when in flower. I don't know exactly what has caused your problems but treating the coco like soil hasn't helped. I would also try to keep the pH of your nute solution at 6.0 - I have found that to be best because calcium and magnesium are best absorbed at 6.0 or higher. You said your plants are 27 days from sprout - here's a plant 28 days from sprout - fed everyday to run off.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
  10. I've been told several times by various sources almost the opposite of your advice (yet obviously it's not working out for me lol)
    Just scared of over watering.
    I've been keeping the ph for the most part around 6.0/6.1.
    Also for my first feed I got nute burn so I'm not sure how if I keep giving nutes how that'll help?
    I lowered the dosage . Then more problems ...I'm just so lost in what exactly is going on with these girls

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  11. I should've put calmag in the ph water I just realized! Could this possibly be the issue? If so or if not , what's the next step I should do to try to fix this...if it's even worth fixing?

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