Tiger Killed 1410 People In Asia

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  2. A leopard has killed 400 people in India.
  3. Go tiger go!
  4. I shot 313 people, stole $5000 from a bank and raped 2 pedestrians
    Which GTA do you play?
  5. Good.. Asians eat dogs, frogs, and several other animals to pile on to the huge amount of species we all call 'livestock'. That tiger was probably pissed thefuck off. I would be too.. I am! If that's a true story, it's surprising that he got so many people and he's almost surely dead now..but still, I hope one day the animals uprise and show humans they won't be messed with anymore!
  6. Still didnt make a dent. They had 2 children for every person the tiger killed. Some day there will be progress.
  7. Guys shut the fuck up. Think about it, 1,410 people? That's crazy insane. They could have ganged up and kill that tiger easy. That's a shit ton of people.
  8. So much evolutionary fail in that concept.

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  9. Why don't you go fucking live with them then? I mean, we humans have Internet, clearly an evil invention right?

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