Tiger bloom too early!

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    So I went away from my mmj grow for 2 weeks and had a good friend take care of my girls while I was gone but he lost my instructions and started using tiger bloom way too early at slightly more than half strength. Will this mess them up if they haven't started to flower yet? Also no pics because I'm not home yet.


    Oh and he used it 3 times.
  2. I started it but i did to a top dress of bloodmeal
  3. they're all gonna die!
  4. really shit what do i do
  5. LOL you guys. They won't die. They will be fine. The worst that could happen is it will bring flowering on a little early, but that's just around the corner anyway. It shouldn't have any negative effects. After a whole season of veg nutes they probably could use a little boost of PK before flower anyway. Don't trip.
  6. I would not use tiger bloom at all has edta in it unless you want chemical cheating salts in your medium. Organics is the only way especially outdoors

  7. LOL i know MJ i just thought it was funny

  8. Other than a few plants that i am doing a test run on with Roots i only use the FF as i have came a long way from back when it was MG
  9. I use big bloom by fox farm that is safe for organics its basically a tea in a bottle.
  10. I add it too, I mixed up some chicken and cow aged crap and made a tea the other day they loved it
  11. no. they are ALL GOING TO DIE!
  12. you needa chill the fuck out and some trees.Your plants will be fine,fox farm products are organic and ive made mistakes with my plant with fertilizing and shit. And my plant is fucking awesome

  13. Cause no get out alive hahahahaha
  14. Not all Fox Farms Nutes are organic. The Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are not organic.

  15. Yup just the big bloom is 100% organic
  16. No matter how they struggle and strive... they'll never get out of this world alive

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