Tiger bloom 3/4 times in a row..mistake

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JoSeph760, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. okay, so about two and a half weeks. i re read the directions for tiger bloom. after reading that i should use everyother feeding.

    so for two weeks now ive only been using water and roots organics trinity.

    this is what they look like as of now


    alot of the leaves turned yellow. there is alot of dark green growth coming in by buds. im going on 6weeks 12/12.

    can i still come out with decent bud???
  2. it looks like you do have decent bud....

    what exactly are you concerned about?? give a more descriptive query, thanks
  3. You should start feeding them plain water, flush out all of the nutrients.
    The leaves will yellow up and some will fall off but the buds will swell become covered with crystals.
    You will have a nice harvest, Enjoy!
  4. yeah i was alittle nervous.

    i was told that using the nutrients every feeding like that would only hurt my plant in the long run.

    and when the leaves started turning all yellow i was like FUCK! look what ive done..

    i was also told that certain strands can withstand nutrient burns or something of the sorts.

    im going with G13 here.
  5. They usually start looking ugly by the end of the grow...fan leaves die etc.
  6. At this point in time... do you think the buds will grow more??
  7. My plants looked exactly like your photo when I harvested. There are a lot of extra nutes you can throw in when you go 12/12. but must be done at the onset of the change for bloom.

    The plant has given up the ghost and its time to harvest your crop and sing the praises of its past life.

    At this point you should of have some seedlings in the wings ready for the next batch.

    I am a FF fan and have always had good luck with their soil and nutes. There are a lot of other nutes out there. I have found success with FF.


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