TIFU Coworker accidentally drank my piss

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  1. I haven’t been on here in a while, figured I’d come back and check things out and share a story of what happened to my coworker, and what will most likely happen to my job.

    Yesterday morning I called in sick to work, was feeling sorta queasy and lethargic. Other than being sick and at home in bed, it was like any other day. Sun was out, birds were chirping in the trees outside my apartment window. I was able to do some work through my emails and stay in contact with my coworker throughout his shift as I’m his lead hand assigning him work and whatnot.

    My worker and I are pretty good buddies, sometimes we take lunches together, joke around and complete work together. We bring food into the office, snacks and drinks mostly to share, been going on for about 2 years now. We are good work buddies, but not good friends on a personal level like hanging out at his place drinking beers.

    I was in bed watching YouTube videos when I got a message from my higher up that works in the admin office saying we need to have a serious talk ASAP. I thought I was in trouble for calling in sick too much, had a bad last couple months due to a bad throat infection (peritonsillar abscess) which kept me in the hospital for almost a week.

    I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I figured I’ll call 30 minutes later when I’m out of bed. I got an text from my coworker that said “Wtf you disgusting prick”. Being very confused what was going on, I messaged back “what? Wrong number? Lol” and he responded “Why the fuck do you have a bottle filled with pee next to your desk?”. In my head I was sort of like “fuck, he found my pee bottle that’s sorta embarrassing but w/e”. I messaged him back and wrote “The washroom is pretty far man, easier to pee in bottles”.

    Just as I sent off the message the guy from the admin office started calling me. Still thought it was because I was sick often and I picked up the phone.

    Omega: Hey, sorry just read your email and was about to call you, what’s up?

    Boss: Hey Omega, are you able to come in to the office today so the board can have a meeting with you?

    Omega: A meeting? No sorry I can’t I’m pretty sick still. What’s the meeting about?

    Boss: We need to have a talk about your future at this company.

    *Cogs turning in my head, are they really allowed to fire me for calling in sick?

    Omega: I know this past couple months been rough, but I have all the hospital time documentation and doctors notes I can send to you. I’m really working on getting better just been having bad luck.

    Boss: What? No that’s not what this is about. We got a report from (coworker) that he accidentally drank your pee and had to go get checked at the doctor. Now he’s not there, your not there, nobody is at work taking care of things now.

    Omega: What the? Why did he drink my pee? What?

    Boss: There was a 2L bottle of pee sitting next to your desk for reasons I don’t want to know, and he thought it was pop and drank it.

    Omega: *Sitting there in silence, caught off guard

    Boss: So yes whenever is convenient we need you to come in so you can speak to the board. Don’t come into work until you do.

    Fast forward to today. I stopped by the office to grab a couple things in case I get banned from the property. Snapped a picture of my pee bottle and threw it out. I’m off to the board meeting in a couple hours. Wish me luck grasscity.

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    Dude fuck them dont tell them shit and file for unemployment you will win it was not your fault the dumbass drank piss from your bottle... it obviously smelled of piss when he put it to his nose.. threaten to lawyer up on their asses when you walk out too. They are more or less admitting to firing you for being sick and having nobody to cover you... It is entire the coworkers fault for drinking liquids from random bottles at work not your own fault what so ever. If anything id demand repercussions be taken upon the coworker for the distress he caused and from stealing your property. Then tell them youll see them in court for emotional damages, lawyer fees, and counseling from the mental trauma caused from this incident.

    As for why you have a piss bottle? Fuck it tell them you use your own piss as mouthwash.... Or some other shit you can come up with... Maybe tell them you pissed in your car and took it in with you to throw away but got sick and accidently left it by the desk. I can not stress enough on how you need to call them out on that bullshit because everybody knows not to touch what isn't there's and to sure as fuck not drink a random ass liquid that's not there's... That's stealing and they violated your privacy and now the company has the nerve to cause you even more grief and put you into a spiraling depression that will keep you out of work for as long as the unemployment keeps on coming...
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  3. [​IMG]
    Sounds like Ray from trailer park boys with his piss jugs. I mean would it really have been that hard to walk to the bathroom? And what if someone caught you with your dick out pissing it a bottle? Was there a plan to explain that? I'm not judging but man this is pretty out there.
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  4. say you have incontinence or a bad prostate
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  5. You ARE MY HERO!! Me and my man just about died reading this shit funny AF thanks for the solid advice and laughs
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  6. The real question is why are you peeing in a bottle and then leaving it next to your desk?
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  7. Hope you don't lose your job or nothing, but this shit was funny dude
  8. Dude - I am. WTF is up with a dude at work whipping his dick out cuz he’s too fucking lazy to walk a few feet to the head?

    Really? Having a flushable toilet is what separates us from the friggin animals. Pissin in a bottle I could care less about - but pissin in a bottle at work where you work with other (clean?) folks - folks that go thru the door labeled “Men’s” (or) “Ladies” for a reason -

    And then actually not giving two fucks about your coworkers and leaving a bottle of festering human waste out in an area inhabited by other company workers?

    Yeah man - OP should get fired and most likely will. I’d be amazed if he didn’t. No decent company is going to allow kids to act like animals and leave their waste sitting next to their desk.

    “Thanks for coming in. I see you have your resume attached to your application.”

    I see you got fired from your last job? Why was that? Do you mind if I give them a call?”

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  9. I work in a steel mill and run an overhead crane, not from the floor, from a cab on the crane. It's bigger than most overhead cranes you'll see. Anyway, you would be amazed at how many grown ass man are too lazy to walk down 3 flights of stairs to take a piss. And the bathroom is right underneath the crane landing. Pissing in a bottle, I can deal with that, but then the nasty mothers leave the bottles in the crane. One moron keeps his "piss bottle" in his bag with his fucking lunch! It's like acceptable to him to urinate this way, and then keep it with his food. Ugh, it's horrifying. I pissed in a bottle up there one time in 14 years. The crane broke down in the middle of the bay and I was stuck there for like 6 hours. But I took the damn bottle with me! Crazy ass people.

    But you know what, I put some of the blame on the idiot that took a swig of some random, old looking, bottle next to someone else's desk. I mean, that's just stupid.
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    Now you are being overzealous... Most companies refuse to say a damn thing about previous employees to avoid any potential lawsuits. Potential employer calls and previous employer states yes he has worked with us from so and so to so and so. They may even ask if said individual would be rehireable. Hell I've done MUCH worse at a job I still use on my resume and they've never once stopped me from getting a job.

    If OP chooses to rinse his mouth out with piss what is it to you? Urine is sterile and he's a grown man.... Let the man do what the man wants as long as he's not whipping his dick out at work which you assume but can't prove.... Fuck my man the OP might be like [​IMG] you really wanna tell my man he cant drink his own piss? this is the land of the free... people have sacrificed their lives so OP can drink piss out of a 2 liter bottle and you have no right to imply he was doing anything other with the bottle of pee.

    I bet you that company has ZERO rules on the book about drinking your own urine... but stealing someone else's property thats not allowed for sure.
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  11. I’d say it isn’t yours don’t know where it came from. After the issue is done with if anyone brings it up claim harassment.
    I’d also question why a employee goes around picking up bottles and drinking them.
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  12. I get peeing in a bottle but you should have thrown it out at least.
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    Definitely... At first I thought it was pee for randoms until I saw the pic in which case I'm just hoping he was sick and forgot? But that's more then one serving of pee so I'm going to assume it's been there. Hopefully not though hopefully it can from the car or some shit or maybe he REALLY had to go... There are times I piss enough to easily fill up a liter bottle lmao. Anyhow let's hope work didn't have cameras on OP whipping his dick out and I personally think he could backpedal his way out of it.... He is in no way responsible for the idiot that drank a random substance from a bottle up against a wall that's not his that DOES NOT smell like gingerale. It obviously wasn't sitting there to long though or the guy wuda got one hell of a whiff opening it I'd imagine.

    Blah or maybe he still had gingerale in it when he pissed so it was deluted and not nearly as noticable LOL... Either way his "friend deserved it" that kid went to the doctors to get some paid leave nothing more nothing less he's a bitch and he ratted so he's a snitch too ontop of a thief... I'd start referring to him as rat or snitch or thief too.

    The biggest fuck up of his was texting that pos acknowledging the bottle is his and he just needs to say he pissed in it in his car before work and meant to throw it away or some shit. But something tells me he didn't stick up for himself didn't come up with a good enough excuse and Probably got fired in which case I'd still say file for unemployment. The burden of proof isn't on you so quit talking and making it harder on yourself and for the love of God I hope he didn't let them pressure him into quitting.
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  14. Lucky your buddy didn't drug test ya pee

    you'd be open to black mail as a leading hand

    could be difficult

    but yeah I have heard of guys saving their pee

    to apply to their garden as an organic weed killer

    good luck
  15. How is your fleshlight doing LOL
  16. Now that was a good story, Dad caught me and my fleshlight...........................
  17. Did Op actually say why there was a bottle of piss next to his desk?
    I find it odd, at 1st I thought it was piss for a drug test, but it would spoil quickly
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  18. There is also the issue that the co worker had to go to a dr because of an on the job improper disposal of human waste

    There are laws about this kind of stuff lol it isn't just a company rule thing when you get drs involved
  19. Yeah I agree. He needs to be fired this shit is fucked up. Could easily be a lawsuit too. I was just trying to be nice in my post.
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