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Tie me up!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Digu Miki, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. You're offer is flattering but I am happily taken and dominated lol.

    But I am so glad at the turn out of this thread! But I have to say I guess I'm one of the few submissives here. I enjoy the biting and hair pulling (but not choking.) But honestly when my guy ties me up then orders me around, that's a night well spent. It's weird because it counters my somewhat masculine and goofy exterior, and when I told my friends about it they said I was the last person they would expect to be into stuff like that. But it did earn me a rope practice buddy who I didn't know was also interested in learning rope bondage!
  2. ^^ All of this! Choke me, spank me, pull my hair. I love being blind folded, tied up and taken advantage of. I'm so relived I'm not the only one who loves to get kinky and rough :D my ex would put a knife to my throat and fuck me while wearing a black bandana over his face....I LOVED that!!! just thinking about it is such a turn on!!
  3. See I'm with you up until the knife to the throat thing, that's kind of weird IMO
  4. Sigh.

    This shit seemed so much hotter, wronger, and more exciting before 50 Shades of Grey came out and the world learned that every other chick and her mother likes being tied up.

    Now I have to hold the whip to keep it interesting.
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    Haha wow you gals really do like it rough here. It's so cool to see the kinky come out in some bladers lol. The only difference is while like a lot of you I like the part of being taken advantage of and being roughed up and spanked, I think I'm more of a princess when it comes to this lol. I'm not incredibly sexually demanding, and my bf loves to be the one who does the body worshipping. So when I think of being tied up, it's more in a sense of I'm his little play thing that he has to be gentle with if he wants to keep playing. But that's not to say I can't take a few tumbles ;)

    The blindfolding sounds pretty cool. Think I'll have to spring that idea on the mister this saturday!!
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    I agree with this too.

    Although i do like the fact that these fetishes are now starting to be talked about openly.
    I don't have to feel like such a guilty perv anymore.
  7. Tied up, spanked, paddled, choked, slapped, gagged, teased, hair pulled, and humilated:yummy::devious: yes please daddy
  8. Oh yes. Very much into the kinkiness.

    I love to choke, pull hair, slap, spank, tease/control orgasm, sex in public, domination, tie up/handcuffs, blindfold.

    Just all things rough. I'm gonna pound her brains out, and she'll thank me for it. ;)
  9. IMG_8005.jpg

    Actually, sub and I thought the 50 shades books were tame.

    Nothing beats a committed, trusting relationship that involves this lifestyle. OP, you damn sure aren't strange, or alone. Lots of us enjoy exactly the kind of sex you are talking about. Right now, my sub is laying next to me, sleeping, nothing but a collar on. She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to get woke up and used in very short order. And she will love it...
  10. my gf loves it when i tie her up.i use to tie each hand to the bed posts but started tieing them together because then i can flip her around and spank her.

    im into everything but shes not, shes warming up to everything i do tho. she randomly goes really deep while giving me head and she always wants me to put something in her ass while were having sex. hopefully here well have a open relationship on my part, and ill text things out on another girl before giving her the final product >=}
  11. Everyone loves a little kinky shit here and there.
  12. Throat fucking is really popular now a days innit.

  13. Yeah, but honestly I feel like that's normal? Same thing with choking, spanking and slapping. All of that happens in normal sex for me, it doesn't seem all that kinky.

    The only way spanking becomes kinky is if I'm getting spanked laying over his lap and its not during sex.
  14. Yeah it seems normal to me too but I don't think it is to a lot of women. At least the females I know are not into it. I don't want to always "make love" I get bored with that lol.

  15. Most of my friends are into the thraot fucking, spanking (during sex), choking and slapping. The most extreme thing they'll do is being tied up and blind folded. I didn't know so many people saw that as extreme.

    I get bored with making love too. Its nice and I love it. But I love rough sex, a lot. Lol

  16. Haha we only used the knife a few times, not something I'm normally into or have done since , but with HIM....it was soo SEXY! :smoking:

  17. Only one of my friends likes to get kinky, the rest are pretty vanilla but accepting. I saw it as out there when first introduced, doesn't mean I didnt like it lol. But I still see it as making love; hot, violent, rough, passionate love lol. I feel like kinky sex is more of making love than vanilla because youre giving into every whim for your lover. I guess it's just me who sees it that way though lol. Must be the babygirl in me.
  18. The knife to the throat is a little extreme for me but if a girl wants to be smacked around a bit, choked and throat fucked, I'm more than happy to comply

  19. I do feel like its making love too. You're giving youself up completely and putting your trust in this person. It takes A LOT of trust. Only 2 guys I've dated have been into rough, kinky sex and I was very close with my ex, who I first expirimented with. And I'm even closer to my current bf who I had even rougher sex with. I feel close and very satisfied after the rough sex.

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