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  1. my og kush plant is about 18 inchs tall. i just tied the top down. i just entered the flowering stage. this will work for a bigger yield right?
  2. Maybe alittle more. I think LST, or low stress training, is intended to be done during the veg stage. It causes the other nodes to think they need to be the top and through the process you get several top colas instead of just the one.
  3. shes got like 6 or so coming up and was thinking it i tied down the top part, they would think there the tops ya know.
  4. I'll say that it couldn't hurt chances are it will give the lower budsites on that branch more direct light.
  5. LST'ing is mostly used when space problems occur. Actually the main aim of LST is that the lower branches get more light and produce better buds. As stric9 said, other branches can think they are main colas. If you tied your girl down as she is in flowering, this will just add some density to your buds. This does not mean that you get much more grams from your grow..
  6. Tying down stalks to level the canopy or to provide alot more light to its lower nodes can certainly increase a plant's yield. It will also increase the floor area that the plant takes up. It's the same question as with ScroG & SoG; you can have more untrained smaller plants or fewer trained larger plants in the same area. There's alot of discussion over which is better.
  7. Hey there..

    To answer your question yes this will give you a better yield.. I used to lsd in veg, but now I love to lst right before my pistils start showing or right as they do.. Any later and you could stress the girl into hermie..

    Expect them to double to triple in size and to have a nice canopy of many colas instead of just one big one and popcorn..

    If you would like some examples just let me know and I can post a few pics of the girls I currently have in flower..

    Here is a good guide to help you out.. If you like it be sure to post on it to bump it up for others.. :hello:

    Goodluck with the rest of your grow.. :wave:


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