Tie down experiment

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jarah.e, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Just trying to see how well this tie down method works on this guy

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  2. Called LST (low stress training) it is my favorite technique.
    IMG_20190630_095036.jpg IMG_20190630_095033.jpg
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  3. I’d just be worried about the zip tie hurting the stem. I’d buy the correct string for LST

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  4. Suggestion;
    Ditch the tie wrap.
    Use something gentler. Be careful snipping that one off!
    *I* use arts & crafts pipe cleaners (twice the regular length).
    LST is my favorite part of growing.
    Have fun!
  5. Any time is ok. Like the other blade said "zip tie may hurt" want to use plant wire or barn yarn preferably. I like barn yarn the best. Also make sure to be careful. I have definitely snapped a stem or two.
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  6. I take hangars from the dry cleaners and I cut it down into like 6 inch pieces and bend a hook at the top to hold the stem down. I push them into the soil and hook the stem I want to train. Super easy.
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  7. That’s from when I had it on a support I’m too scared to cut it off now that the stem has grown more but I should really get around to cutting it off but I’m using normal wire with rubber casing to do my LST

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  8. That zip tie was from when it was on a support early on in seedling. I just am to scared to try cut it off now the stem has grown I’m actually using wire with rubber casing for my LST ties

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  9. Im literally at the same point of l.s.t. as you right now but. I agree I had to switch tie downs something they will let them slide through but not cut. This is my first time trying light stress and I'm experimenting with 6 dif. Plants same strain, sane soil, diff nutes. Differing led lights. 20190707_234221.jpg 20190707_234124.jpg 20190707_234043.jpg

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  10. So I'm currently stretching her lower for a good canopy o believe she was fimmed 1 week ago. But your picture caught my eye. I think the method you used would work for this plant specifically when she's a week older and I have steer he'd her down. But do you have any does and fonts with tying every cola. Down or would you recommend a homemade scrog net. Thanks 20190707_234124.jpg

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