Ti nail question/seasoning help

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  1. Hey guys I just got a new ti nail and used it a couple times but haven't seasoned it or anything yet. My question is that since I already used it to smoke out of should I still try and season it? And if yes then can you just give me tips on seasoning it? (I think I have a general idea) thanks guys

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    i was told by blades here and Headshop employees to season, heat it up red hot and dunk it in water about 5 times. Or as OP said doing the oil thing would work to....Guess its really how you decide to go about it i guess.
  4. Dunking it in water does absolutely nothing to season the nail. When I worked at a LHS my co workers fed me the same bs, and it turns out the only thing it does is cause the titanium to oxidize (degrade) faster, thereby reducing the lifespan of the nail. You can read a little bit about why/how to season here: https://www.greatspiritglassmarket.com/seasoning-a-new-nail/

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