Ti nail dangerous?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by camram, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I've heard people saying that Ti nails burn off toxic fumes, especially if you use a propane torch. True?
  2. Propane oxidizes it more yes, but using high grade Ti should pose no real problem with a butane torch. We get fumes from overheating yes but if you heat it correctly and use only the best brands like highly educated or dab essentials, then its not a problem. If your worried, go for quartz. its the bho that causes health problems not the nail, if its from a reputable company.
  3. ^^^ Lol. Titanium does not necessarily off-gas, unless you're do welding applications... I use propane every day for all my nails, apparently map gas is used pretty often too...

    And the only thing I'd really worry about is stainless steel, it makes hexavalent chromium when it heats red hot and Ive seen it used in swing curve wraps... Oh, and those mercaptans lol
  4. I'm sure heating with a torch that is 1000 degrees more than a Regular butane torch starts the oxidization process sooner. We don't certainly know the composition of any Ti nail it may have less desired materials, what we know for sure is that titanium gives off TiO even when heated with a butane lighter. A propane torch that gives off excess heat will further along the oxidization.
  5. You have valid points, but I think your over generalizing propane torches. I agree that the higher temperatures causes the TI nail to "degrade" quicker. The propane torch that I use from Ace hardware will not burn anywhere near 1,000 degrees hotter than my butane torch. To achieve that kind of temperature (3000+) you would need to be adding oxygen, which is used in welding applications. My point is, as long as you are aware your torch is burning hotter, it is quite easy to keep your TI in good condition by not overheating.
  6. To each his own, but knowing we can get cheap butane torches and butane gas, why place the risk on our health at all?
  7. can anyone here help me i just used simply green to clean my bongs and i poured some in a cup with my ti nail to soak is this safe to do ?
  8. [quote name='"M3ssenger"']Nope

    It is not safe? Ive hit it a couple times can u explain do i need a new nail
  9. Don't soak it again . Only thing that should be used to clean the nail is iso. It'll b okay if you season the nail.

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