Thursday - It's pretty much the weekend anyway.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, May 26, 2006.

  1. Whaddup ya'll. It's like 2:15 AM right now I gotta be at school at 8:30 and I'm about stoned as fuck right now. here's what went down.

    So after school me and D and V blaze some bowls in the woods. I go take care of shit for my car with V and D rolls to work. blah blah blah gay shit with mcdonald's and BK and gettin a tire and shit.

    So V and I ultimately end up at his house with no parents as usual. before I can blaze, there's an errand, I have to run this pretty fine sophomore home for a bit of nugligee. So that's done and my boy T calls me up spittin some shit about purple haze. Skeptical but intrigued, I meet him and by a g for 20. Shit's got purple spots on it. tried to take a picture earlier but my camera is gay. So. we blaze some of this shit and 5 hits has me GONE. Then we smoked a blunt of some middies.

    I roll home, chill out, enjoy the buzz. Then I sneak out and meet up with J, JL, and R and we smoke some more of the purple shit, then some middies, and then some spongey ass headies that J had. Shit was so wet and sweet smelling. Knocked me off my ass. Went to sheetz, grubbed the fuck out, smoked two more bowls of that shit...

    I'm so high I don't know how the fuck I typed this.

    But dudes, when I snuck back in I set off the alarm and it sketched me out so bad./

    but I think it's all good.

    oh shit yo I forgot, that hot sophomore wants me to tutor her in spanish. I'm like, word, whaddup girl.

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