Thursday Evening Chat :)

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Just relaxing this evening, i took a second job today and should start that in about 1-2 weeks..

    Now I'm enjoying the first evening of college football and about to spark a bowl.

    How is everyone doing tonight?
  2. Eh, my day off then back to 5 days of work and some school.
  3. uhhh nothing chillen on a tolerence break till tomorrow
  4. Eh, it's neutral. I saved a cormoran (sp) today when I was driving back from the shore and I was able to take it to the vets (it had a broken wing and leg on a empty parking lot). Then when I got home I found out I had no weed for the 3rd day in a row, so I figure I'll take a tolerance break.

  5. I always keep an L in a sack safely tucked away just in case I ever hit a drought.

    I should have some more getting delivered tomorrow :)
  6. im smokin a j and watching the game hoping MSU can beat LSU
  7. Nice, I was watching that a bit ago.. there are some good games going on.. I was also watching Tulsa and LA-Monroe.

    Im hoping the Indians can hold on against Seattle and increase to a 6 game winning streak.
  8. Tryin to not go crazy.

    Listenin to some 2pac drankin some whiskey, Ya know im bout to be tore up when i buys a fifth of whiskey.

    "I remeber marvin gaye used to sang to me, And had me feelin like I was the thang to be, Suddenly the ghetto didn't seem so tough, Even tho we had it rough, We always had enough."
  9. man oh man getting ready for my wake and bake getting everything settled bong loaded dvd in dvd player and tunes ready. Oh what a day it shall be.:hello:
  10. Congrats on not getting swept by the Kansas City Royals. Thank you for the 4 game lead :D
  11. Drinking some beer, eatin some popcorn chicken from the tuck shop, and enjoying life. tomorrow i head home to get an O of some middies for up here at the university.

    Hope everyone is doing as good as me.
  12. Im currently above the clouds.

  13. me too :smoking:

    Darko just brought in the go ahead run in the bottom of the 7th

    5-4 Tribe!!!!!!
  14. Feelin pretty good, About 3/5 of fifth of whiskey deep.

    Smokin herb, Bumpin music jus trying to relax because ive been super tense and stressed the last few days, I cant sleep or nuttin.
  15. Switching back from the LSU vs MSU game and the dolphins game. Getting close to drunk.. have had about 8 Kalik's and 2-3 whiskey cokes. Going to pass out soon.. loooong day tomarrow.
  16. Lucky, I got stuck watching the Cleveland Browns for my regional coverage. fuckin A.

    How has Ginn Jr. looked?
  17. Not shit....chillin here with my boy watchin the LSU game. Go Dawgs damnit
  18. LSU is kicking ass.

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