Thunderstorm took out fence.

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  1. I had 2 plants side by side, and one was showing clear female signs. The other just had the teardrop shape similar to a calyx. A severe storm took out a piece of fence in the corner, and completely flattened the one I was unsure about. It was 52 inches tall 4 ft wide, and identical from a distance to the other. I manage to salvage some of the plant, by staking, and tying it up. This morning it was still quite alive, but at all the crotches of the branches was a distinct cluster of round balls. I guess the shock of the damage forced it into flower overnight. I added a picture just to confirm that what i see it correct. First picture is the result of the fence falling. The second is the morning after(this morning) with the round clusters that tell me it was a male, and mother nature was just helping me out.

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  2. I am sorta looking for someone who knows more to say thats definitely a male. the close up.
  3. Correct kill it
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  4. Yuppers it's got balls
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  5. Lol. It should of flattened the one beside it...but it just broke the end of one bottom branch. Theres another one on the other side of that fence that was flat on the ground. I put it a skinny stake in, and tied it up to it. It seems to be fine. The leaves reached for the sun all day today.
  6. The girls are doing great now. buds popping out everywhere. Just worrying about the windy days to come. It's windy here in late summer and fall. The one surrounded in blackberry bushes really surprised me. the tops of all the branches are so large and beefy. It looks like its going to have quite large flowers.

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