Thunderstorm...dirt on buds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by rockhardnugs, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Hey everybody, there was a thunderstorm 2 days ago and dirt got all over the buds on the lower portion of the plant. I mean that shit is covered with dirt. What the fuck do I do? I tried blowing it off with an air can but it didn't do anything...the dirt straight up dried onto the buds. Anyone else have this kind of thing happen to them and can help me out here.
  2. Lightly moisten your buds with water so the dirt softens.. then spray water on them with a slight more force.. Not to hard though. Run the water till your buds are clean again..

    Do not spray the buds to hard...
  3. Is it okay if I wait a little longer before I do this? The reason being I have another 2 weeks before I'm gonna harvest the lower portion of the plant. Is that going to slow development of the buds because of all the specks of dirt on it?
  4. It shouldn't unless the dirt is covering the buds...

    I wouldn't wait to long though..
  5. get a hose and run water over the bud just a nice soft flow
  6. Hey man the same thing happened to my plant I said fuck it and harvested it. It was only on a couple of the lower branches and it dried with the dirt So when i smoke a fatty I just deal with it. I am in Florida so I had sand on mine. But it doesnt taste bad lmao. Actually when i break up the bud that has the sand in it I try to clean it as best that i can. Enjoy your smoke though.
  7. thanks for your help guys....i hosed it gently with water and I think I got most of it off
  8. Thats great.. I hope you enjoy your buds when you harvest..
  9. make sure it dosent mold up though.
  10. good looking out grower. I live in cali though and it rarely ever gets hot and humid here. Weathers been good to me so far...other than the thunderstorm and occasional showers....but when it rains its usually sunny the next day so the mold doesn't have a chance to form. But yeah I think it should be fine. Something I do have to look out for is the fact that there is an advisory for strong winds this weekend. Any tips in making sure no dirt and shit get on the buds? Without compromising blocking any sunlight of course. appreciate all the help guys.

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