Thunder of '06 has passed :(

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  1. Have any of you ever heard of Thunder Over Louisville? It is awsome and for those of you that don't know, it is the biggest fireworks display in the United States that happens in April. Every year there is an air show and this time the Blue Angels performed. But really... its a massive party on the banks of the Ohio. Thunder is like Kentukian's mardi gra only more family orientated, with no beads, boobs, and a has greatly reduced amount of drunk people.

    I have gone every year but this time was funny as hell. I smoked a good amount of weed and saw people get fall down drunk. It started off good. I woke up at 10am but didn't start drinking till 1. There were two cases of beer, a gallon of Evan Williams (the best whiskey ever!), a 1/5 each of Amoreto and Jacks Daniels, and good amount of pot. Needless to say, we were set.

    We all drank, walked to the river and back and then smoked some pot. I puked at around 4 and quite drinking but everyone else kept on going. I had a camera and caught some chicks flashing us and all my buddies in drunken stupors. But things didn't start to get really bad until the last half gallon was brought out at about 10pm. We almost had to fight some dudes across the street at another party because they were hitting on 15-16 years old girls and one of my buddies was so piss drunk he couldn't get the last of his shots down his throat, they just kind of fell out. Oh, haha... I got high and drunk with so many random people with mullets. There was also this guy that just started drinking about three months ago that kept up with my buddies, and he got tore up. This guy slept in his own vomit. It sucked too because he puked in shagg carpeting.

    Thunder is great and I look forward to it every year. If any of you are near Louisville next year around the same time don't hesitate to come. You won't regret it.
  2. sounds awesome
  3. Yeah... Thunder this year was indeed, awesome. I didn't even see the fireworks by the time I realized they were going on it was almost over. The one dude said he would never get that drunk again. I think he'll probably never drink again.
  4. lol sorry this just cracked me up lol:D
    btw..nice story...
  5. Evan Williams is bourbon and shitty bourbon at that.

    Sounds like you had an interesting time.

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