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    starting my first! im on unemployment and pretty bored so eff it ill start a grow op  :yay:
    i really love biology and i figure this is a great way to learn about plants and have a great time too!
    all this talk about ph, anions, cations and stuff really gets me excited haha
    been doing alot of research and started with these sources,
    side note i cant spell at all and my grammar is ok so bear with me  :smoking:
    also im not a typist by any means so sometimes i miss keys... lol

    for my box i sort of went with a design from this link
    mine is much stealthier and goes in the back of a walk in closet with a lock  :)
    ill post some pics here soon of the whole set up,
    i need to get another light fixture, some black paint, and some square pots. 
    possibly some seeds too  :( ive had a seed from a dank bag and save it from probably 9 months ago?
    tried to germinate them, 24 hours in the cup up on a shelf in a closet, then back up there in a paper towel inside a tupperwear contain inside of a plastic bag. but nothing so far and its been in the bag for its second day.  :wacko: no tap root no sprout no nothin  :wacko: what the eff is going on....??
    also some shwaggy beeners too. in the cup for the second day, on about 35 hours in the cup. gunna take them out soon and put them in a plate by my grow lights. but these look the same as the seed from before.  :mad:  i want to get a couple ok plants done before i spend 25 bucks on a single seed when i might kill it on my first try.
    any thoughts on what seeds i should get? i was thinking maybe the big bud/northern lights auto fem from attitude? figured big northern lights bud with low smell. seems pretty short too. or maybe a critical strain hybrid. i reallllly want to do something that has entirely purple buds on it. never ever seen bud like that in person and i think it would be awesome to grow  :D
    btw i was thinking of doing the FIM training on my plants. anyone got any tips or feedback on using FIM? not sure i believe that up to 8 colas can come from where the one was?  :blink:
    what type of nutes should i get? i want something i can grab from my local hardwear store cuz money is tight right now and i cant pay for shipping haha. also where can i grab a ph booster and decreaser from? i got a testing kit from wally world but it doesnt look like it has that in there.
    please give me questions concerns and criticism. i want to learn from this journal! 

  2. wifey said not to put up actual pics of the grow op. makes sense... more stealth lol. but anyway mine looks like this, same boxes too, but with a smaller box on to for a little more hight for my plants. 
    i stacked each box and cut holes as far out as i could so it would look more stealth then drilled some holes and zip tied them all together. then i put silicon inbetween where i zip tied the boxes together so no light could get out. black spray paint to block the light from coming out then flat white over to reflect. i have 2 rows of 3 26w lights on each of the two big boxes on the side closest to my wall. they stick out pretty far so i plan on growing 3 plants in square containers on the other side of the box and rotate them every couple hours. gives me something to do  :D
    finally the top box has 2 120mm fans mounted on the side closest to the wall for ventilation.
    all wires are going along the wall under the carpet into hidden outlets  :cool:
    i hope you can imagine it! stick with me ill see if i can post pics of inside the box and keep you guys updated on the plants  :bongin:

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  3. update. wake and bake anyone else get sick when they smoke a cig in the morning??? lol
    no nothing from the seeds I have. put the other dank seed under the light too, hopefully will sprout now.
    maybe a little white spot on one of the shwagy beaners?
    just waiting on the seeds. think theyre too old to germ??
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    you should put the seed in a cup of water for 6-8 hours in the dark. after that, make your soil mix and put it in the container youd like to use. i suggest at least 32 oz pots, regardless of the height restrictions. next wet the soil and then take the seed out of the cup and push it into the soil just until its under the top layer of soil. dont compact the soil, just let it chill. put the container outside or under a light so the seed sees the light coming from above, and only from above. this way itll know that up is the only way for the green to grow!
    do not use heat matts, humidity domes paper towels etc.
    the best way is to start directly in soil, but if the seed is old its embryo will gain some water by soaking for a couple hours.
    make sure to mist the soil 2 times a day and keep it out of the heat and wind so the soil doesnt dry out!
  5. great news! :hello:  4 of the shwaggy seeds are starting to sprout and so is the dank seed! :D  ill post pics tonight at like 2am for me.  :)
    i put the seeds in paper towels and draped them over the side of a solo cup. put a solo cup inside to cover light and 2 more under for the same purpose. then i put them under one of the cfls and turned out they just needed to be a little warmer!  :yay:
    so im going to let the tap roots grow out a little till about 1 to 1.5 cm. sound good?
    cant wait to see what these little babys turn out to be, like i said theyre bag seeds from a friend so idk if theyre sativa or indica.
  6. ok so need a few questions answered asap. gunna do some research too!
    what light cycle should i run them on after i transplant? 18/6? i thought i read somewhere that its ok to run 24/0 when veging? if so id rather 24/0, means + 6 hours to growth everyday.
    btw i plan on putting them in a solo cup full of soil then transplant after the roots really grow in.
    other questions. ill post pics of the inside of the box but the thing is that how my box is set up now the cfls stick out about halfway thru my box. so my question is, if im planting in 8in container then can i possibly plant 2 per pot? i havent heard anyone trying and i havent seen it stick out in noob guidelines so idk on this one. i figured it would be ok cuz im going to try the FIM training. 
    thoughts questions? lemme know if anything confuses you!
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    18/6. Anymore will cause light stress and lower yields. In nature during summer solstice there is max 14-15 hrs of sun.

    Separate pots, 32 oz minimum. 20 oz solo cups are too hard to water properly

    Or you can make a mini garden bed full of soil and put 2 plants in there.

    You need 50 watts per female tho
  10. perfect thanks  :)
    well sweet all in all i think i can grow 2 maybe 3 plants really short. running at 26x6 so like 150ish for actual watts? sounds bout right
  11. Wait so you are going to have a journal but you're not going to post any pics of the actual plant?
  12. lol no just not the outside of the grow op. ill make a cardboard box or something to put the plants in so i can take pics and there's nothing recognizable. just nothing to put pics up about so far.
    thought that my seeds wouldn't take but they've cracked they're shells and have tiny little tap roots. i've checked them twice today already and i don't want to disturb them anymore. maybe post pics tomorrow? ill do a bunch so everyone will stay happy haha
  13. Hahha my bad man. I was about to say if there's no plants then wtf why make a journal lol. In that case I'll sub and come along for the ride and help ya out if I can.
  14. thanks! really excited. i have 6 seeds germing right now. hopefully can get 2-3 females out of it.

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