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  1. Why is everybody posting thumbnails now? They take fucking forever to load, and half the time I don't bother waiting.
    And they're not sized, they're a zillion times bigger than my screen. I click on a plant and all I see is one fucking leaf. I have to scroll all over trying to figure out what the point of the picture is. Then i have to scroll all the way to the right and then down to be able to close it.
    Did we go back 15 years, when nobody knew how to just post regular images (sized properly) right in the body of the post?
    Thumbnail images in the past couple of weeks have become a joke IMO. Too bad. Or maybe good. Maybe they will be gone in the ashbin of PC history. They have their uses I suppose, although I've never used them on any forum. Post the pik or GTFO! :mad:
    POST YOUR PIX ON AN OUTSIDE IMAGE HOST! Some of them will even let you size them. If not, learn how to use MS Paint and reduce them yourself before you post them.
    I googled and found this plant. This is what your post should look like.

  2. we agree, and we are working on a solution for this....
  3. A good fix is to upload pics straight to your gallery, that way its small so if you post a lot it doesnt take up the page, but if you clcik on it with the gallery they're not huge.
  4. Yeah everytime I'm cruising the funnies thread all the pics wanting to load/not load make it hard to scroll
    Glad to see its being worked on :D
    THANKS! I wondered if this was bothering anyone else.
    Wouldn't the easy solution be to just get rid of the thumbnail option and force everyone to put the full pik in the message body?
    That will not resolve anything in fact will cause more issues. 
    Thumbnails are here so the page size will not be bloated. An average big size image is over 5MB today. Imagine if someone choose to add 10 image to their post. Just that post will be 50MB or higher.
    If people are going to post pix, they should have enough brains to figure out how to reduce them so it doesn't fuck the entire page up. If they don't, warn them or something. All Windows come with MS Paint, and with a few mouse clicks it takes like 10 seconds to reduce a pik.
    Some websites automatically re-size a pik that is too big when someone posts it.
    I dunno, this stupid thumbnail / picture posting thing is not an issue anywhere else I go on the web. :(
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    Posting pics on the app results in a nicely sized pictures on the app, but on browsers you have to click it zoom in.

    -Would be wonderful if they were auto-sized for the browsers page as well. Nevermind, would take up too much room.

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    It would take a lot more manpower (more than GC has right now as far as moderators) to warn everyone who posts oversized pictures. 
    If I were you, I would just right click the thumbnails and open in a new tab so that it will open faster and be sized to your browser window with the ability to zoom in if you need to. :confused_2:

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