Thumbnails in my Posts enlarge enormously, Why?

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  1. When I put pic's in my posts I choose thumbnails. Then when the thumbnails are enlarged they are enormous. Is that something wrong that I'm doing when uploading the pix or is it my own PC's picture viewing software? I want people to see my pix, not be annoyed by them. Any help on how to fix this is appreciated.
    CRyder 7in day 18 Spring 2016.JPG
  2. It looks just fine when I view it on my computer, but if you hit "view original" you can see that the original file is very large.

    If you're uploading from your computer rather than your phone, you could resize it to the resolution you want first. Tons of ways to do it. There's a resize option in MSPaint if you don't have any other pic editing software.
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