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Throwing Up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OneLove77, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I have been smoking for awhile, but recently i have encountered an issue that remains unsolved to me, everytime when i get am smoking to get really baked, baked to the point where you hardly could remember anything at all and all u can relaly do is lie down and sleep or just chill there doin something pointless and not realizing it, anyways for w/e reason i would always fall alsleep after some time(as i would usually do) Then when i wake up i am still very burnt out but i feel very sik to my stomache for some odd reason, and a couple of times i have vomited, ive always smoked that much but recently and i dont kno why this is occuring, im not sure why and i decided mayb someone on this forum would kno, well i was just wonderin, mayb somethin is rong with my digestive system or something im not sure, anyways if anyone has any answer it would be appreciated thnx :D

  2. Well your problem is you are either smoking too much damn reefer or you are inhaling the bud the wrong way....

    My friend use to encounter the same exact problems time to time and the problem was the way he was inhaling that sweet mary jane smoke. When you are inhaling it you might be swallowing the smoke into your stomach which is mixing with your stomach in a wrong way. Make sure you dont swallow when you inhale is probably the only tip i can give to you.

    Other than that its the fact that you might be smoking too much marijuana in one session. I know you are probably reading this sentence asking the hell do you smoke too much marijuana? Well shit the other day i smoked 3 blunts back to back to back and I had to fucking lie down cause my head hurt so bad and I thought i was going to lose my lunch all over my living room floor. Take your time smoking the bud man other than that maybe get some antacids? Pepto Bismol cures almost anything.
  3. Since you have started getting sick, have you been getting your stuff from the same source? If you have you might be allergic to somthing that this person is carrying. Or the fert., used on the plant. This may sound funny to you, but sounds like you are allergic to nuts.I have a green house and grow alot of tomatos, once my friend got sick every time she ate at my house. turned out to be the organic fert. I used on my plants. It had ground nuts in it.
  4. hmm, thnx for the tips :hello: ill be sure to try each one, it could be the swallowing thing, lately ive hittin diff. bongs for the first time, some of em hit harder then i t would think :D anywyas thnx again

  5. I don't get sick the next daybut if I rip the hell out of a big bong I will throw up a little spit looking shit. not all the tyme for sometymes for some reason I cannot explain. I can throw up and keep smoking and never throw up again. I guess its just a thing. JOE>
  6. agreed s0ad05, first four times i smoked no high at all and i actually puked the first time. (hahha dont flame that, i was only like 13)
  7. i think its from swalloing once in awhile i swallow some on accident from a big hit and it mixes with my stomach and makes me feel nausea

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