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Throwing Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by suiside, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I've recently have had a bad experience smoking. I've been smoking for about 2 years now. But I've threw up 3 times in the last couple times I've smoked.

    The first time I threw up, I ate a 7'inch cheese steak and I don't know what else I ate, i thought that was a 1 time thing.

    The second time I threw up, it was horrible. I smoked half of a wet mango blunt out of a roach cannon (putting the blunt in a water bottle and hitting it like a bong). I felt dizzy, I started sweating. I couldn't even walk straight and was tripping. I then threw up 3 different times. I then drank water and threw up again. My face was all pale.(i ate a footlong meatball marinara, ice cream, and 2 pieces of pizza)

    The third time I threw up, I was in Cali and smoked Flight 51, Church OG, and Blue dream out of a RooR bong with 2 diffuses. I then went to dennys and drank a milkshake, and threw that up.

    Tl:dr Am I allergic to weed? Or do I just eat too much before I smoke? seriously i want to know how i can avoid throwing up. whenever i smoke and get sick i know im going to throw up. someone help!
  2. i think your just smoking more than you can handle. You should try getting high slowly and stop when your at a comfortable level.
  3. Well, if I were you, I'd go on a short week T-break or 2 week T-break.
    See how I go after that, try again.

    But I'm not really "experienced", I should stay out of the apprentice toker's section.
    I always feel hell bad posting here :(

    I only post when i feel it's necessary enough though x)
  4. me and my friend smoked half a blunt together. that was the second time i threw up.
  5. Quit smoking yourself retarded... problem solved. I get nausea when the rooms all spinnin and shit or when I over eat sweets but never have I thrown up... I'd say just don't smoke yourself retarded, there is a time and place for retarded, but sometimes is awwright to just get a lil high as the wise sage towlie says.
  6. Blunts get you retarded high... I know a guy who has been permi high since 2009, I gave him a nice fat blunt for us 3 to share and it got him super retarded high, something he hasn't experienced in a while.
  7. i love getting retarded haha. and just blasting music and thinking about the world. anyway i havent smoked in a while):
  8. Stick to joints man, as someone said before blunts can be pretty powerful and its 100x worse if the weed is harsh as fuck, its just not a combo.

    The shitty junk food didn't help either, shits really bad for you.
  9. Sounds like you have a terrible diet.
  10. You ate to much, this happened to me in dams deli, I ate this like bacon ham sandwich thing in about 3 mins and just at there sweating and getting nauseous and then threw the fuck up all over their floor. And let me tell you I took off outta there like a bat outta hell.
  11. thats so much bad food bro, chill out on eating so god damn much.

    you dont have to stuff yourself so much you throw up everytime you smoke, just eat a little bit and drink alot of water.

    also i havent smoked myself retarded in as long as i can remember. maybe tonight for shits and gigs lol
  12. haha yeah your definitely eating a combination of things that will fuck your stomach up reguardless if your high or not. My advice would be to eat one thing that will fill you up, smoke a bowl or a bong, and take it from there and see how you feel
  13. Only time I ever threw up was a long night of vodka clubs and I went home to smoke a bowl and just started yukin.
  14. You seem like your smoking way to much for you to handle. Smoke less, eat something, and see if you puke. That'll answer your question.
  15. Re-read your post and look what your eating.. lol, that'd make me throw up sober... Try eating before you smoke, that way you don't feel as bad. First and last time i ever threw up in 5years of smoking was while i was in Utah. Smoked a blunt and felt like complete shit.. I blame it on the blunts, and havnt smoked a blunt in 3 months lol.
  16. Maybe its the taste of the blunt thats making you sick, it is a tobacco product after all lol.
  17. hahahhah poor guy hahah

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