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throwing up when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oscurochu, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Everytime my bf smokes pot, he ends up in the bathroom throwing up. It doesn't matter if he eats before, or after he smokes, or if he even eats at all. It doesn't matter if he takes one hit, or 5 hits, he always ends up with his head in the toilet about 15-30 minutes later.

    If he keeps putting himself through this, he obviously likes being high and doesn't want to quit

    Any suggestions?


    i figured it out. He was smoking with his friend sarah, who smokes crack. Him and sarah were smoking out of the same pipe she smokes crack out of. He didn't know she was smoking crack until today.

    I don't even know what to say.

    So this is where the conclusion comes from. Yes, it's VERY fucked up.

    Him: "I need to talk to you when you get here."
    Me: "about what?"
    Him: "About drugs. I dont want you to be mad at me."
    Me: "Just spill it, it cant be that bad."
    Him: "I took like three hits of crack today, but I didnt know it was crack"
    Me: "How do you not know it's crack after the FIRST hit?"
    Him: "I knew it was after the first hit. I didnt really think about what I was doing until after I hit it a few times, and I was like, 'Sarah, what the fuck am I doing?'"
    Me: "How did you not know it was crack before you even smoked it?"
    Him: "I thought it was an almost cashed bowl. I hit it, and asked sarah what it was and she told me it was crack. I asked her, 'I thought you quit?' She replied, 'I did quit for a while, but now I'm smoking it again. Don't tell anybody, I don't want people knowing'"

    Now we start talking about why he's getting sick, because its all making sense to me now:
    Me: : "Have you ever thought the weed's been laced? You were smoking it with sarah, after all. I don't know her that well, but it definitely wouldn't surprise me. You're probably getting sick because it's laced"
    Him: "I get sick every time I smoke though"
    Me: "Have you ever gotten sick from smoking pot before you met me?"
    Him: "No"
    Me: "Ok then. The reason you're getting sick is because it's laced."
    Him: "I got sick the day I smoked with you though."
    Me: "You smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes that day. Thats why you got sick"
    Him: "but I get sick every time I smoke"
    Me: "And every time you smoke, you smoke with sarah."
    Him: "Oh fuck... damn im fucking stupid. I should have known, cause her brother smokes crack and we always get the weed from him. I'm never smoking weed with sarah again."

    Another thing thats fucked up about it is my bf has smoked crack in his past. I didnt look at his past until now. Now every time he's with his friends, Im going to wonder what he's doing, and if he's telling me the truth. I've known way too many crack heads, and they all pretty much work the same: they lie. He knows how I feel about that shit. Therefore he might be more tempted to go to his friend's house to smoke crack, and lie about it where he is and what he's doing.

    I don't see him very often, because I work at night and he's 16, goes to school in the day and still lives with his dad. This is my problem to deal with now. I just needed to rant a little.
  2. Probably is not the case at all, but I remember when I first smoked using blunt paper things. The taste was horrid imo. I ended up puking in the bathroom after every hit. :p
  3. happened to me a few hours ago lol but only happens when i smoke way too much
  4. Maybe he is taking too big of hit? Happened to me alot when I took monster rips out of my bong and bowl.
  5. this chick at my school is allergic to THC, she blazes still but she takes one hit and she cant function.

    maybe your boyfriend is just really allergic and shouldnt blaze.
  6. Are you smoking boo boo? Perhaps smoke less that's the only time I ever feel nausea from smoking is when I smoke way too much.
  7. I have an ex who threw up all over my bed because she took too big of a hit.

    Ok anyway, if this were the case with my bf though, why would it take 15-30 minutes before he gets sick?

    Today he took one hit. He got a stomach ache, and then it went away. Then it came back, and eventually he had to go to the bathroom.
  8. What kind of green is it.
  9. Well I'm glad you're not conforming to the dating norms. Or you're just high and forgot to correct it or common typo

    Throwing up? Weed usually calms the stomach down, no?

    Another one of those: seek professional help over non experienced interweb peeps like myself or I'm sure plenty of others here.

    Some ideas:
    -laced weed
    -him possibly taking other drugs that interact with weed
    -his body being that way
    -shitty weed/type of weed

    Honestly, some people do stupid shit and endure a lot just to get a fix. If throwing up is something he's used to, the guy will do it just to get what he wants. Just like how I'll brave smoke in my lungs cuz as my friends tell me I have virgin lungs.

    He'll either give up cuz he throws up or keep on doing it. Alternatively, you can keep experimenting with diff types of weed(indica, sativa) and or play roulette and find diff strains(tho I don't see much diff as most weeds can be placed in only so many categories), try vaping, or lastly, try edibles.
  10. I would probably blame it on really shitty weed. I've never thrown up before from smoking too much but one time this kid threw up after smoking because he had a really dry throat from some shit weed. Ruined my high :/
  11. This is ridiculous. Obviously this guy should just suck it up and stop smoking weed. Why the fuck would you wanna be high for 30 minutes and then end up puking and being sick? Seems fun, maybe i should try it sometime.
  12. What are you smoking it out of? I can see puking after a hit if you are smoking out of a nasty plastic bottle.
  13. Thats a tough one .. the only time that i've thrown up, is when i did a few golden pailers with a 4L mil jug "/ so unless he's consuming to much for his body at once, thats the only thing i can really think of
  14. Maybe he doesn't know how to smoke. Does he swallow any smoke? I kno blunts can sometimes cause people to get sick. Try smoking out of a vaporizer.

  15. yeah i was going to say something along these lines. Make sure he's INHALING because it's possible to swallow smoke and it gets down into your stomach (if you burp then smoke will come out, that's always funny, i call it a chronic burp) but this can lead to an upset stomach.

    Is he fairly new to smoking? did he smoke cigs before? sometimes just the act of smoking can make one sick.

    it's weird that weed makes his stomach upset because really it does the opposite.
  16. im guessing, he was smoking cigs? I only throw up when i smoke cigs and weed
  17. Do you cut the weed with tobacco? In periods when I don't smoke cigarettes nicotine makes me sick if i smoke to much.
  18. ive puked twice off of the weed itself.. i dont count coughing so hard that i choke get sick to my stomach and puke but, when i was a rookie smoker i thought i could handle the weed... i smoked a blunt one time super fire potent weed, from washington so it just got me so high i got very nauseated and thru up a pile of puke, next i smoked prolly 4 grams between 4 people and it was really one of the first times ive smoked back to back bowls... again being in washington it was really good weed... but i ended up nauseated sweating like i was on pcp and got the spins like i was drunk.. didnt even kno what was going on then i puked.... to much thc in my system at once for how novice of a smoker i was.. just to damn potent

    ps theres a trick to the coughing so hard you wanna puke, just lift ur head up open ur lungs and look up as far as you can until you feel that feeling go away
  19. To the first comment, no typos, and I haven't smoked for over a month now because of possible drug testing. I just got a new job, which told me they would do a preemployment DT, which never happened. I was just called in for an interview at walmart, so once again I have another *possible* drug test. drug tests suck.

    He takes concerta, and I believe that is it, but I'm not completely sure.

    I don't know the difference between indica and sativa, so I couldn't say what type it is. Also, like I said, I quit smoking so even if I did know the difference, I couldn't tell you because I haven''t been smoking it.

    He's been smoking cigarettes for 2 years. I'm not sure how long he's been smoking pot, but I'm pretty sure he knows how to smoke though. I believe he is smoking blunts. He's only smoked around me once, and it was a blunt. The rest of the times he just tells me hes gonna smoke, and then within the hour he's texting me telling me he just got sick.

    A vaporizor is not a possibility for him. One good reason is he's 16, still lives with his dad and his dad is not okay with him smoking pot. He also has no job, and I'm not gonna be the one funding a vaporizor for him. If his dad finds it, I dont wanna be the one with the guilt.

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