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Throwing up after smoking? Help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sllik13, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Alright. I have done this two times now, and it is really embarrasing haha. I got majorly high a few times and I was fine, I did it out of a homemade bong and I was fine. Recently I got a dealer and he brings me cigerella's to wrap my weed with. (Like 1 dollar grape flavored cigars) and When I smoke it out of the grape flavored cigars I throw up. I drank like 2 bottles of water and I threw it up in my brothers car. It was like a pool in there and he was not happy. Then I smoked one with my new dealer and I got fucked up, went to a football game and dry heaved in the bathroom for like 2 quarters haha. I am going to get high right before school tommorow and I really do not want to throw up during gym on the floor haha. Do you think its because I drink too much water? eat too much? Should I not drink anything or eat anything until after im high? Any suggestions? Anything would help. Please!
  2. My friend throws up after smoking cause he takes it like a bitch. You might wanna try doing less, other then that i have no idea.
  3. Maybe it's the artificial flavor that makes you gag, or the tobacco the wraps made out of. If i smoke a whole blunt to myself the tobacco makes me a little sick so i stop when i feel that way.

  4. eh sounds like you are allergic to grape flavored blunts cuz weed reduces nausea, not cause it.
  5. yea bro, def the tabcoo, dont smoke l's just get a pack of papers, last ya longer too. peace and love

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