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Discussion in 'General' started by MadbuddhA, May 19, 2010.

  1. I have a free crib for the whole week and considering how im about to finish senior year im definitely abusing that fact and throwing a party. Ive had many blunt sessions and beerbq's at my crib but i never really threw down at my crib because my bro who lives 4 minutes away from me has a sick house and we usually just throw parties there.

    Im trynna make this night unforgettable, so need some opinions. My crib isnt too big, i have a back yard with a deck that can hold around 40 people comfortably i would say and the first floor with the kitchen and the living room both openly connected can hold i would say another 30 or so people. Its really not too big. Sadly my crib isnt designd as a party crib :(

    I dont have too much dough to spend also but i already have some leftover brew, ~40 different beers and drinks but gunna need to cop much more. Obviously gunna have the blunts going also. I have the playlist set already got some nice shit to bump and got the word out. But what can i do to make this night just crazy?

    Also the party is going to be mostly outside in the backyard, but my house is mad close with my neighbors. Although we are kinda chill with them, do you guys think that is a bad idea? Last thing im trying to do is have the cops pull up on my ass with a nice qp worth of blunts being passed around aha

    so basicaly the rundown
    gunna have i think around 50 people
    for beer pong and generaly getting fucked up, how much and of what would you get? (take into account the ~40 beers i have)
    Would you take the risk of having the party outside, or just have it inside but less enjoyable?
    budget is around $200

    the buddha is taken care of already
  2. If you are planning on partying as hard as everybody else is, I would assume you are, then have it inside. Outside is too risky with all the shit u have in your house. Its gonna be just as fun inside, and you wont have to really worry about police, other than that, just make sure its not a sausage fest. Rage hard man

  3. yea im gunna be going hard man im dying for a good night of partying. The problem with throwing it inside, my house isnt designed the best for parties. No open basement to do something with, really only gunna be able to be in the first floor which is an ideal size but just not a party environment. The backyard on the other hand has a sick deck which i can do a lot with. And yea bro i got the bitches lined up waiting for this party already so thats taken care of, + i have my lady whos gunna be sleeping over after so its all good.
  4. I just gotta be the one to say it, I would advise against the party. I know it's too late now because you got the word out.

    You gotta respect your parents place. Then again I strongly believe that having certain experiences as a kid is important so :confused:

    Want the party to be nuts? Just get a shit ton of booze. It's a sure thing. Involve lot's of drinking related games, places for people to mess around and do other drugs.

    I would be very wary of your neighbors. If possible inform them of the party and ask if they could kindly ask you to be more quite without calling the cops. Outside is indeed risky, as is many minors drinking. Make sure the booze can't be traced to you.

  5. Its all good bro, im moving anything valuable to the garage and my friends know to keep in check, plus i always leave time to clean the house when i have people over. Its been fine with my parents before so thats not too much of a problem.

    I thought bout leaving my neighbors a note saying im just gunna have a few friends over and if they get a little too loud to call me.
  6. Well if you say 6 beers per person (some going to have solid tolerance, but I imagine at high school most would be solid with 5, especially if they are high) and 50 people....

    50 X 6 = 300 beers - 40 you have = 260 beers. I would say 8-10 dirtys 30s of some Keystone or Natty Light would be solid.

    In my area a case is $15.99 for Keystone or w/e so probably $160 plus deposit.
  7. Glad to hear of your party, good idea to move shit.

    my biggest fear is people puking and stealing/breaking shit.

    Jus an idea! Make it a "bring your own cup/no cup" party where people have to be creative and bring bongs, DAS BOOTS, vases etc etc....:wave::wave:

  8. Ahah my bro alone would devour a 36 pack aha hes a big ass dude. But yea good rundown. Gunna make it a $5 buy in so i can even cop more if i need. Obviously gunna get the malibu for me and my close friends also, love that shit.

    I love theme parties, but on such a short notice i feel like i would be crappy and too much work for people.
  9. just be careful..last party i had.. people stole xbox games, lighters, nuggs, pieces and this fool tried to steal my plasma screen...which was funny asfuck cause he asked if i could help him hahaha...lets just say that he's never comin anywhere near my pad again.

    so yea move ALL ur shit in garage and lock it, and hide the key somewhere only you and your TRUE and i mean TRUE friends know of..and not the loudmouth drunks or the super truth telling high people.
  10. You dont want to get too fucked up and leave people roaming your house man...Lock up all the expensive/breakable/important stuff in your house because you dont want anything getting broken/stolen...Other than that, make some jungle juice and put roofies in it, that should get the party bumpin..hahaha just kidding, but seriously...

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