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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by motion, May 5, 2006.

  1. What up all. I think I came across a decent idea. The bright green bar club! (rep) Don't think this is a boost at my own ego - I think it's something you all should consider. Just like the private forum, there should be a place for more dedicated grasscity users (yes, I know there are dedicated users without high reputation points) to post at without worrying about being flamed. Because the reputation system is user-based, this also might open doors for more trustworthy topics, aswell.

    Yay or nay? What ch'all think?
  2. no way, it seems like only yesterday when i was a n00b and i was glad that i was shown the same respect i gave to my message board "elders" i think a section like that could ruin the city!
  3. i just want to be able to post without someone telling me to "shut the hell up" for no fucking reason. :mad:
  4. This will just be a sort of retreat, I guess you could say. I would still probably browse more on the regular boards because they are more populated.
  5. im pretty sure there is already a "club" for the more respected members...yes? the VIP lounge or w/e. i dont know if it was ever made or not but i have a hunch that it was created.

    BTW...dont be hating on wykid, whoever it was
  6. Yeah that's what I was talking about in my post. That's for old school members, though. This is a different approach.
  7. i wouldnt mind a special group for us, that way we can discuss certain things and we do not have to deal with a bunch of newer or less experienced members asking a million questions about what we are talking about
  8. i forsee a hoard of "why am i left out?" and "what do they talk about in (insert new section name here)?" threads in the normal sections if it were to be created...
  9. then let them come !

    tooo waaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laughing:
  10. It seems like a good idea in concept, but I see a major problem:

    Once anyone gets enough rep, they'll just post in the private forum, leaving the general forum with way fewer "good" members and filled with the people that get bad rep and new members, which is probably a really bad mix.
  11. naw, no way J

    i post everywhere(well everywhere that holds my interest, which is most of the forums)
  12. hello, that threads allready here,,,,,, its '' the growers coffe lounge'' specify the word ''GROWERS'' :D
  13. haha maybe we could make a "gramatically accurate posts" section.
  14. who cares about rep man. were not here to get popular.

  15. it seems to me like the thread for experienced growers, thats all ,

    ill never be experienced, but the advice is good there
  16. That isn't the goal of this.
  17. you missed the point of this all together man

    ........which motion already pointed out....didn't see there was anoter page :eek:
  18. wow guys, not having rep n all. I never get rep from higher up people. This is a bummer. imma go cry....

    but really....i personally like the idea....if i had enough rep, i would not just stay thre though, i would go everywhere like i do now
  19. Probably cause trouble around here if they made something like that. Plus like you said theres guys that have tons of posts, been here for like a year and still have low rep, hell i didnt even notice the rep stuff for a long time, then one day everyone starts talking about rep like its the new cool thing.
  20. Rep doesn't mean that much anymore unfortunately because it's abused on a regular basis so it will never be something that is a requirement for any new and cool things we might add or do. People give rep for everything so it can't be counted on as anything real.


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