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  1. I plan on getting a king suite 2 rooms at descent inn. I'm only 18 and I only want about 10 people there. Were getting 5 18s and maybe some this a bad idea? I'm already aware that we have to be quiet...
  2. Money buys freedom.
  3. 10 people in 1 room won't exactly be quiet.
  4. 10 people and you have to be quiet? That's a kickback rather than a party.
  5. my advice is don't get the room in your name (they WILL ask to see ID and if anything gets broken or ruined you'll get a nice bill for the damages).

    Also beware that most hotels require a deposit also.

    Having a party in a hotel room isn't a good idea (especially if you bring bud as the neighbors will more than likely complain of people being loud/smoking mj which = cops).
  6. I don't think we'd have to be too quiet as I'm getting the most expensive room. But what if I took the mary jane out of the mix
  7. Why not just have it at a remote house or something?
  8. I'm assuming so you don't have to cleanup :laughing:
  9. None of my friends have an open house at the moment so that's why. I figured a hotel would be easiest.
  10. It is going to be legen...wait for it...dary. LEGENDARY. yeah.
  11. Make sure you can even get the hotel. A lot require you to be 21+

    Don't smoke in the hotel.. That's asking to get fucked
  12. depends on what kind of hotel,go to a ghetto hotel
    keep in mind like 90% of the hotel partys ive ben to at like holday inn or somwhere nice have got busted or they kicked us out,you will start out trying to be quiet but after everyones drunk and high you will all be loud as fuck and when the cops knock and you open the door and a hughe smoke cloud pours out, your fucked .especialy if you have a bunch of underage people drinking .
    probly not what you wanted to hear:D
  13. you'd probably have a better time taking a lady friend or two (threesome yay!) with you.

    thats what id do but thats just me.

    10 ppl in 1 room is CANT be quiet with 10 ppl in a room. either a neighbor will complain about the noise or the smoke.

    if you wanna toke use a vaporizer or possibly a smoke buddy (im pretty sure those use carbon scrubbers so theres no smell at all)...dry sheet method may work but seem really odd but then again id imagine only LE and those who smoke know about that...your average joe would think its strange but probably not call the staff/cops over it.

    a balcony would work so long as neighbors arent out on theirs.

    best bet is a vaporizer or going out somewhere in the parking lot or off the property preferably.

    bring a lady friend. seriously. especially if you're getting the nicest room. women love that shit. especially if you have a hot tub in your room.. you're in.

    that would probably be the best use of the room...and besides its not like they can call the cops over you fuking too loud. lmao
  14. I don't know where you live but you can't rent a house? Not one of your friends houses, but an actual house that is used for rent.
  15. I've been to quite a few hotel/motel/inn parties. Vegas hotels, small hotels, etc.

    What was easiest for us was to either request a room with a balcony, or a room on the first floor with a sliding screen door that leads to the parkinglot.

    Park a hotbox-able car by the room and just go out there and light up in the car and then come back in and party.

    Also, if you alert the front desk that you're having a small gathering with about 5-12 people for a pre-birthday "party", and to please ask that any complaints be reported to YOU before a call to the police was made. Most of the time they should comply. Good luck, have fun :]
  16. Bad idea. Everytime someone throws a hotel party around here it gets busted fast and usually people are caught smoking weed and drinking underage. Cops will eat that shit up as soon as they get the call.
    Also 10 ppl in a hotel room partying and being quiet? Lol that's like a pig with wings. Plus every time I invite people to a party about twice as many ppl show up that I didn't plan on. If you really want to have a hotel party convince someone else to throw it so they get the heat instead of you

  17. exactly. all the op would end up with is either a knock from the cops or responsible for something someone broke on accident (or on purpose in some cases)
  18. you know that its one way in and one way out, that's why i never go to hotels and apartment parties
  19. I've done it a lot of times and trust me if you wanna have a good party you need 2 rooms. Even with just 10 people 1 room is so cramped but if you have 2 you can have a good amount of people there. The place we had it at though is where pretty much everyone goes to throw parties so I don't know if you'll get complaints or not.
  20. screw a hotel room man go rent out a group camping spot somewhere and party out in woods!

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