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Throw up... While smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SilenceDestroys, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Alright. So everybody knows that feeling, coughing so hard you feel like you're about to throw up.But earlier today, I was smoking some resin. Coughed just enough for the smoke to leave my lungs, then I actually hurled. A couple of times after that, I threw up a little more.Makes me wonder: how many people have smoked some shit so bad that it actually made them throw up?
  2. Yea if it was like schwag. If not you probably just toked to much
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    I've come very close to hurling many times. I'm sure if I ever smoked some schwag today I would lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. [quote name="456got" post="19399808" timestamp="1390598895"]Yea if it was like schwag. If not you probably just toked to much[/quote] it might have been a combination thereof. Shitty shitty resin that I just scraped out with a pocket knife, and I took a deep ass toke off of it.
  5. The only time I hurled was from smoking was taking a gigantic hit that was simply too much and the coughing just kinda hurled it outa me. 
  6. probably from smoking the resign, stuff taste like ass
  7. Sometimes the act of smoking can make me gag, especially early in the morning. Pretty much only with a dirty bowl though. Its funny I can take waterfalls of resin no problem. I vape now with the mflb and it definitely is a lot better tasting, and less harsh and "gag inducing" as smoke. It tickles your throat quite a bit more though, I cough a lot more when vaping.
  8. I've never hurled. Just burnt my throat really bad.
  9. Vapor bong setup will be next.. hopefully that cools the vapor down so it doesn't tickle (and bigger hits cache the trench faster. takes me like 10 minutes to vape a trench which is enjoyable at the right time but sometimes Id prefer to be as quick as possible)
  10. yeah smoking resin sucks. and sometimes if you inhale too hard or in some strange way, you can get some air into your stomach which could make you throw up. 
  11. THC is a natural expectorant. When you get to that " why the hell am I coughing so hard" stage it's because your lungs and throat have a nice even coating of it.. It's a good thing.
  12. ya folks...has nothing to do with this being the cold and flu season..some food poisoning tossed in there every winter... :ey: :ey:
  13. Never yundered off buds, seen some of the bros projectiles after oil spots tho, yuck

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