Throw this plant away or is there hope...

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    Okay this is simple, I didn't plan on growing but I planted a seed anyway so I can see for the first time how marijuana plant looks like up close...
    It was very late in the season (probably mid july-august).
    I have only used water and the natural sunlight from the small window. Didn't use any fertilizer.
    A few days ago I found a broken branch and decided it was time to decide what to do with the plant.
    If there is any way how I can save this plant (and if it is worth it) I would like to know..
    If you need any other info please ask...
    here's some pictures.

  2. I dunno man, I wouldn't smoke that Hermie...

    You could make bho or oils, still, you probably won't get much...
  3. I second that.
  4. That one is done. Plant new seeds.
  5. That's a fucked up hermie. I thought it was completely male at first glance.
    Definitely not worth it, though.
  6. That's a good example of a hermie for sure. I just visited a grower the other day that had a girl hermie out on them. It led to small amountn of seeds in two plants they didn't catch it in time. Tragic really but they didn't seem that upset fuck it, it all smokes they said. Of course they had larger buds than this. If it's by itself just hanging out let it go til it dies you don't have a dime in it right?

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