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throw me a lifejacket?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thatcher, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. I`ve been smoking now for 15 years more or less every day ,not all day but mostly in the evening,I started a job today that I`ve always wanted to do-but found out this morning that the final part of the selection process is a drug and alcohol test to be carried out in 7 days,I`m going to stop smoking today (missing it already) but is there something I can do to make sure it`s out of my system by next Monday?Has anyone had the same experience?I`ve read that frequent users need 12 weeks to clear it out ,I`m panicking as if I fail the test I may be blacklisted,I live in the UK by the way,
  2. Your best bet would be to find a person willing to give you their clean piss. Keep it warm by taping it to your leg before the test.

    If you can't do this I would suggest looking into some "detox drinks" which Cover Up the THC in your system for a certain amount of time.

    I don't think you have any chance at all in getting all thc traces out naturally(eg exercising and drinking a lot of water or cranberry juice)
  3. Drink lots of water, cranberry juice, and any other juice you can gety... The morning of the test... Drink lots of water....

    Don't smoke any more till after the test comes back..

    It is a give or take if it works or not...
  4. good info here and search this site for some of the other testing threads. Some of them have a lot of good info in them (paragraphs and paragraphs I've written about it) and go to and read up on cannabis testing. The more you learn, the better you'll be if you ever have to be tested again. Good luck.

    that being siad, I would think if you excerise at least 3 hours everyday (lie somthing that makes you sweat) and drink a WHOLE lot of water, and possible drink some detox from the local GNC, headshop, whatever you should be fine
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions I`ll try the ones I can and remember the ones I can`t,I`ll look at those sites ,,see what they say,Funny thing i ,all my friends smoke ,the only people who`s urine is clean that I could ask for is my parents,and they don`t know I smoke,my dad ,ex-police,mum,very understanding but still couldn`t ask her for her urine I`ll let you all know how I get on (fail/pass)In a way I hope I fail because I can go back to smoking then,so I suppose i`m in a win/win situation -I either get the good job or I get to smoke again
  7. get the job than start smoking after you pass the test just because they drug test you does not mean you have to stop smoking sweet mary jane after you pass the test keep smoking what to stop you. I think the chances of them realizing you are high are notlikly and if they do you lose a job and get to keep smoking
  8. If you ask someone for their clean piss make sure its a guy! I read somewhere that 1 guy used a girl and in the test they found out she was pregnant! you don't wanna try and explain that one!
  9. hey man drug tests are sh*t!

    seriously though, some buddies of mine have recommended taking this herbal vitamin stuff called Nyacin i think, it helps clear out your system faster

    you are supposed to take like 8 of them or something so that you feel a burn in your stomach for like a day

    this is supposed to clear out your system fast, but then you will need to get another multiviamin supplement thing so that you will have all the normal stuff back in your system

    I have never tried this myself but some close friends have said it works

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