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  1. That's right ladies and gents,, im considering throwing in the towel on my outdoor auto flower this year,, I've never grown outdoors or auto so no matter how much I read and learned about protecting plants outdoors I was going to have to experience it myself the hard way I suppose. It's a white widow auto from dinafem ,, I planted it in the end of july so it would be ready come the end of sept. early oct. ,, I raised it indoor until 2 weeks ago, since it's been outdoors. WHY THROW IN THE TOWEL? well today after i've been unable to check on it for a few days I stopped by to give it some TLC and right away my heart was broke ,, several leaves were covered with holes i pick up the pot to discover the area is now infested with SLUGS that have been making a snack of my plant ,, I know autos dont respond well to stress and will also slow growth and hurt my yeild and I'm not sure if the plant is worth salvaging becuase its about 50/50 damaged leaves and the growth has slowed making me think it wont be ready to harvest before the frost season comes. I guess I'm looking for any advice from someone who's been down this path to advise me to not throw in the towel just yet and give me a reason to keep on trucking if not i suppose theres always next year :/
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    I would keep it going. Imo, any harvest is better than no harvest. And, it will still be better than DowntownMexicanBrown.

    Hang in there bro. You will gain valuable experience, learning to deal with the bs now, so your next go round, you will be more prepared.

    Who knows, she may surprise you, and finish strong. (for an auto)
  3. Maybe so ,, I have to say though I was kind of excited to try autos and im not very thrilled with how soon it flowers like i suspected i would be i guess can see how its practical for certain situations but ive discovered that its not really for me so you live and you learn. :)
  4. Just buy a box of slug bait and spring it around in a barrier around the plant...boom problem solved.

    Mine were infested badly by slugs when they were only a foot tall, but now they're all around 6 feet tall.

    It's already out there so give it some TLC and see what happens.

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