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  1. Im extremely nub at the practice of growing mj, anyways i put 10 northlights seeds in 10 seperate pots an inch down in Miracle Grow Soil (with pre-mixed nutes) under 150 watt hps also kept soil moist watering daily. Three days later nothing is happening, not a single thing. Order new seeds and germinate them the germination420 method or could something be cooking still in the soil? Anyhelp would be lovely.
  2. Well, did you germinate them in the first place? That may be why, and I've read that you gotta stay away from MG and just put the seeds in plain soil that's not fertilized for the first 2-3 weeks I believe. Read one of the guides too, they're really helpful.
  3. the soil is probably bad...

    I would guess too many nutes for the young ones
  4. 3 days, com'on give them a chance to grow. Although, now is as good a time as any to get them out of that MG soil.
  5. A lot of people blast MG for being pre nuted, I've never used it though and I wouldn't because MJ doesn't need extra nutes until late veg or even flower. I'd repot with an organic no nuted soil and perlite if I were you, and maybe flush too. You are starving your roots of oxygen, don't keep the soil moist, you want to water as little as possible so you allow the roots to get vital oxygen. Don't water until the soil is dry at least 2" below the surface.
  6. anybody know off the top of their head a good brand of soil with all the rights mixtures at homedepot that would work happily.
  7. Well you fucked it up.......

    You will have to start again.

    1. Germinate your seeds using the wet paper towel method.

    2. Fill your cups with Ph ajusted Soil with no fetilisers in the soil. Not Potting mix , as this usually has fertilisers.

    3.Do not use MIracle Grow....It has a very bad survival %

    4.Plant the seeds after they have sprouted. Then put them under the 150W

    5.Only water them with distilled water, or rain water, or ph neutral water.

    6. Do not use any fertiliser until the plant is a plant (2-4 weeks), ferts will kill a seedling faster than your mom will kill an erection !!!
    (hahahaha - Thankyou, Thankyou, I'm here all week - try the veal)

    You get the idea !:wave:
  8. Also dont plant the seed(s) so deep an Inch is way too deep(mother nature dont bury seeds) a few Mili Meters is fine so you can see half the seed poking out of the soil(the opening facing down) just make sure at this stage the soil level in your pot is not to the rim (leave about 2 inches from the rim so after a week you can add more soil to the pot so it becomes the correct level once your seedling has cracked her casing off and opened and your very first leafs are forming.
  9. Don't panic yet, see if they are dead first, just gently tap the soil out until and if you see a root, woohoo, there still alive. But get the new soil first. Most of your cheaper soils don't have nutes, just be careful and read the bag or ask one of the store clerks. And if he asks you what your repotting say a venus fly trap, those vicious bitches can't handle normal ferts, meater eater don'tcha know.
  10. wow, 6 out 10 popped out of soil and one is now 4inchs tall with a full set of leaves, its survival weed! The weird things is they all look healthy too, weird, anyways we have other seed germinated in cups in case they die, but hopefully we will change soil to nutrient free in about a week or too! From a video i saw the only nutrients the plant really needs during vegestate is nitrogen, is this correct?
  11. See MJ's one tough cookie, but she really hates time release ferts. Now on to your Q. If you get decent soil mix you shouldn't have to fert for the first 3-4 weeks then use a fert for vegging plants and when you switch to flowering switch to bloom. I use Flora Nova, its on sale this month. Oh, and while they do use more N they still need PK and all the micro nutes even in veg state.

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