Through the Wormhole

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by FireWork, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Does anyone here watch this show? I just started watching all of them online, and it's pretty crazy. They've got some real nice animations and do a pretty good job representing differing viewpoints on the big mysteries of the universe (Is there a Creator, Is Time Travel Possible, What happened before the beginning, etc.). Oh, and Morgan Freeman narrates it too, so if you dig the guys voice, that's a plus.

    Link to watch all of them: Through the Wormhole | Watch Free Documentary Online
  2. The show is great, just remember its what science is thinking about now so its all possiblities, but great show to watch cheesed
  3. Yeah I've enjoyed this show since it came out. Its pretty much always interesting and informative
    I like the fact that most of the show is centered around physics
  4. Yeah man watched half the season last summer.. my mind was blown and they couldn't have chosen a better narrator.
  5. I just started watching this show a couple weeks ago and I love it! Everything about it is wonderful from the image quality to the topics and narration. Not to mention the sense of wonder you feel throughout the show.
  6. Started watching that show online. Great show and really eye opening
  7. This show explains like, EVERYTHING. I also like Wonders Of The Solar System/ Universe. Brian Cox kicks ass.

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