Through the looking glass

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  1. Time. Its omnipotent, everywhere yet we cannot sense it. The only way to detect time is experience, through observation of life. Still we cannot sense it, we can only assume time exists.

    Compared to the universe, our galaxy is but a speck in all existence. Compared to the Milky way galaxy, Earth's couple billion years marks it as a mere infant in our vast universe.

    On Earth, we confirm that time passes unique to the planet, beyond our home, time travels at a different rate.

    However, from our observations we can assume that time splits into the past, present, and the unknown future throughout the entire scale of outer space.

    The question is: "What will the future of the future be like?"

    - biological life
    - technology
    - ideals
    - language
    - law
    - human culture (art, foods, fads)
    - etc..

    Being so technologically advanced in modern times, it is difficult to guess how our near future would even appear. Truly, for me. Such a thing is (almost) inconceivable.

    To start, I believe that one day (in the faaar future), the idea of pets, holding animals captive for self pleasure will be banned on Earth.

    ~1996 Jiggawattz~
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  3. No ideas at all?

    ~1996 Jiggawattz~
  4. I think weapons will continue to progress positively for militaries, negatively for the environment. Marine life will be dampened by fishing and chemicals. Trash, oil, etc washed into the ocean. Deforestation will continue. Long story short, the corporate bigwigs and the government will prevail, and those who care about the environment will be fucked.
  5. The future of the future could look a whole lot like the past. 

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