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Throats on fire need help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Im Stoned, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    So i have been sick with the flu all week and all i have wanted to do was hit the bong. Finally did it, and now my throat is on fire, the pain is almost excruciating. Any quick fixes for this at home? Really fucking hurts..
    Drinking water helps, cough drops arnt working. Gonna gargle some salt water n take some pain meds for my flu, any other advice??
  2. Dont have any. The salt water helped though. Its not as bad now. Man that hurt tho! Also im just high n paranoid lol.

  3. Sometimes we tend to focus on small pains when high/paranoid and make them seem like they're excurciating pain.

    I remember one of my first times smoking, I hit my arm off something, and it felt like it was broken, but it wasn't bruised and the bone was fine (EMT friend inspected it, said I was being paranoid:p). But for some reason I couldn't stop focusing on it.

    Next day, felt nothing at all.
  4. I get this as well. Sometimes I'll stub a toe or something and it will just throb forever if I'm high. On the flip-side, I've found that if I have some sort of muscle ache or headache before I vape, the pain will completely go away.

    For me any sort of body "ache" or soreness will diminish after vaping, but any sort of acute injury (like a papercut, stubbed toe, burned skin) will get worse. I'm sure it just has to do with being high and focusing too much on the feeling.
  5. get that ish that numbs the throat

  6. Good idea.

  7. What bud you smoking, dry haze/kush? Thats like sucking glass shards sometimes lol. Try munching a pack of smoothers, then smoke.. Works for me with man flu :D
  8. try putting a little dab of vicks 3 inches or so in the tube of your bong.
  9. I exaggerate pain a lot when i'm stoned. Once back when i was a little punk ass in high school my parents drug me to church. Of course i said fuck church and smoked 3 bowls before we left. i brushed my hair as we walked out the door and i guess i pressed to hard with the brush but until i was sober again i felt like there was a cat trying to remove my brains.:smoking:

  10. Im not very religious but dude ever hear of respect that church means a lot to some people.
  11. use chloraseptic as bong water?
  12. You'll be fine, princess.
  13. Smoke some fucking pot.

  14. A lot of shit means a lot to some people, doesnt mean you cant be high and do it. Thats only disrespectful if you choose to perceive it as so.

    When i have a sore throat i keep a glass of hot water and take little sips before and after each toke. Now that i have my vape i just put hot water in a bing and hit the vape through the bong, works almost like a humidifier lol.
  15. Hot tea son
  16. Hey man no disrespect meant to anyone by smoking pot. I respect all religion and have my own beliefs that I hold very dear to me. I also respect peoples right to do whatever the fuck they want and if smoking then going to church is one of those things I say go for it. I respected my school and my teachers when I was younger but still went to school blazed that didn't make me a scumbag just made me high. As i said in my post I was young and kind of a punk and was resentful towards my parents for having me go to church against my will because that was not and is still not necessarily what i believe but I was in no way trying to disrespect the church or anyone else for that matter i just wanted to be high. Sorry If I tickled you the wrong way dude.
  17. I'm in the same boat as you bro...i tryed everything and nothing helps...gonna visit doctor tomorrow and get some antibiotics...
    My advice is mix some LEMON,HONEY and some OLIVE OIL together and take 3 spoons a day(Flavour of the mix is awfull i know)it helped me manny times before...i've tryed it this time too but i guess i have virus infection that can only be treated with antibiotics...good luck bro...hope you get to feel better soon
    EDIT:Gargling salt water helps too...i've also heard that if you drink a cup of whiskey with some honey and lemon in it might help
  18. ^^^ This gave me some hilarious thoughts

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