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Throat Problems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wardyb, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Ok so i'm 22 and have smoked dope for about 6 years. Recently in the last few months, I have stepped up my usage so i'm smoking about 2g a day. Now I often have a cough (NOT sore throat), and my main problem is that I cannot sing high notes anymore. Anyway stopped smoking dope for the past week and it has not helped.

    OK, don't laugh. I really like singing along to my music and now I have to sing in my normal tone. If I attempt a higher tone, no matter how loud I sing, my voice becomes inaudible. Its hard to describe, but if anyone knows how I can put an audio on here, i'll record it for you.

    Any ideas to help my sore throat? I will be starting smoking again soon, so the solution has to take that into consideration.
  2. anyone?
  3. Dude just go to the doctor and any type of smoke is bad for your throat so get a vape.
  4. Sounds like a rest your voice sorta problem, if you strained it recently it might just be taking longer to recover than you realize. otherwise 22 isn't too late for your voice to simply be maturing. Don't take this to say insultingly, but your voice can change multiple times as you grow. Dunno if it could be smoking related, but I would lean towards not
  5. couple of good points there. Too busy to see a doctor as I work nights, but i'll try resting my voice and maybe stop drinking coffee.

    also not sure my voice is breaking again, i sound normal, just the higher tones as I said.

    oh and i only smoke jays, as i like them to look like cigs
  6. J's can be really harsh for the throat, you could try different smoking method too
  7. can't! i smoke at work so when i'm outside i obviously cant be there with a bucket or a bong :p

    plus i love the joints, stops me smoking so many cigarettes too

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