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Throat problems with my MFLB

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigSexyPanda, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. All right, I've been trying to ask this in all these different posts, but everyone keeps changing the subject or answering some other part of the question so here it is.

    I just got my MFLB yesterday and I gotta say it's awesome. I was coughing with it which seemed surprising thought vaping was supposed to be super easy, but it went away probably 'cause I got high. Anyways, at night I got blasted and after a few hours when it wore off, my throat was bugging me and I was coughing every few minutes. I know it has to be the MFLB and I'm guessing because of the heat and dryness of the vapor? I remember someone else mentioning they took a bong hit with it and I know there are tubes for the MFLB and I was wondering if any of these helped with it and maybe if there's some kind of portable bubbler attachment or something that would work with it. Thanks.
  2. I get a little cough too. It's not a big dying cough that people may get to actually smoking, but more of a tickle that lasts a little longer. It usually only happens if I get the vape too hot. But that is the way I like it so I live with a little tingle in mah throat.
  3. Panda I noticed a similar thing with mine when I first got it. I found that I was "cooking" the herb a bit too long before ripping it so at the tail end of my drag I would get some hotter smoke. If I understand the way the heat source runs on it, it keeps just getting hotter until a certain point. So if you rip it for shorter periods of time, more often, rather than taking deep inhales; you likely won't be hurting your throat as much because it won't get as hot.
  4. Throat problems, at least for me, seem to occur only in the first bunch of uses with the mflb. After a few tries, you'll perfect your preferred hitting method (IE how long to heat up the unit before hitting it, how long to hit it, how hard you like to draw, etc...). There seems to be no definite way to hit the unit, everyone I talk to has their own unique method.

    Once you perfect your method, your throat problems with it should start to go away.

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