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Throat Infection?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Singletokeman190, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. So, I've checked multiple forums to see if I can find anyone having the issue I have.
    I've been smoking for about 7 years now, just about daily. I use mostly bongs and bubbliers because I like the filtration and cool down temps. I smoke out of anything I can get my hands on though, whatever is convenient. I could smoke two grams in one hit and not cough (not that I'm boasting, I just preferred not to cough). If I was smoking with friends I would not hog every bowl to myself though haha.

    However about 2 years ago I started having a serious problem and I wasn't sure what it was related to. I smoked with someone from my class and I literally could not take a puff for more than half a second. I choked, coughed, my throat closed, I couldn't breathe because of how hard I was wheezing and this was not even a puff. I don't smoke cigarettes either, but I wanted to know if it was the weed smoke or just smoke in general. I took a puff of my friend's vape with tiger's eye or blood or w/e. I couldn't take a puff of that without my throat closing and wheezing and all the works. I went to the doctor and his solution was to stop smoking all together. Granted he is right, but how could I go from being ok to not being ok? By that last sentence what I'm trying to say is, something got fucked up and he wasn't willing to check my throat or recommend me to a specialist.

    I don't disagree with him either, but at this point I just want to make sure I don't have throat cancer or something. The solution is simple; stop smoking. But will that heal whatever problem was there? Just wondering if anyone has had a problem like this, or an answer. I take bitch hits now }:

    I don't smoke as often anymore and going to see a doctor this week. Hopefully they listen to what I have to say and not laugh at the fact that "I can't smoke anymore" which isn't the problem. The problem is, there was not a problem, then there was and I was not checked or anything :\.
  2. First of all take the cancer shit out of your head, you will freak the fuck out. I would suggest only smoking through a bong with cool or cold water. Also have cough and or medical cough drops. Don't over do it as you said "bitch hits" but many people like to take little hits. Try some edibles ( 1.5g butter to 0.5-0.7 weed) . Lastly if your doctor says your fine , YOUR fine. Good luck.

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  3. thanks dude. I just miss packing one fat bowl and smoking it to the head. my doctor prescribed me some codeine/prometh to help but my dumbass didn't take it as prescribed lol.
  4. Could be asthma or bronchitis. It really sucks if it is. Tell your doctor you're having coughing fits and wheezing when you're not smoking. That should get the refferal you're looking for. If it doesn't then call your insurance and tell them you need to see a specialist and your primary care doc isn't helping. Sounds like asthma to me. You can get prescribed something for that and it can work amazing. Good luck broski :metal:
  5. Your doctor sounds lazy. Weed don't do them things. You know that. You trying to tell me in the last 2 years something changed with weed and only for you?
    I don't think so.
    I would say change you smoking method and see. Try joints for a while or vaping. 2g of dank smoke is a lot in one pull for me maybe you overdoing it. I know it's easy to get to the point where you CAN smoke 2g in a hit but that ain't wise homie. Change up your intake method. Try edibles for a while. Maybe u put too much pressure on your esophagus which is possible and it is strained in some way. Be careful if it feels wrong or hurts in anyway then stop. You may have to stop or tone back on SMOKING till your respiratory system gets back in proper working order but if that is the case still get you daily thc via edibles or whatever...If it were cancer u had weed would be the cure not the cause so chill...
    Stay high negro...take 70 small hits off of a joint instead of one huge hit and see if that helps...

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  6. The heat of the weed smoke gave me a scar on the back of my throats once and it hurt for like a month and a half but you say you use a bong to cool your smoke so I don't know. Did u change up the smoking method from bong to something else suddenly one day or for just one day?

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