Throat hurt/burn when I smoke?

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    So I have 2 "smoking tools" a one hitter and a bong. The problem here is that every time I smoke with my 1 hitter my throat hurt, I can only take small hits cus it hurt on my throat but with my bong I can take infinite hits of like 4! Minutes! Or something haha! Like really I can take really big hits and throat never hurt.

    Why this happen?
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    Try edibles. Or a vape.
    I read OP's post in Flander's kid from the Simpson's voice i swear lol.   
  3. No, not that! I just want to know why my throat hurt only when I smoke with my 1 hitter but never with my bong. I want to know like the science of that!
    hahahaha, that's awesome!
  4. Why? Because that's how your body reacts to it. Everyone is different. There is no standard. Dabbers can smoke this veteran under the table because i am a lightweight for concentrates.
  5. b..b..but it's not Rod or Todd
  6. Try putting ice in your bong water.
  7. The one hitter smoke is hot and harsh, your bong cools your smoke before you inhale, when you use your one hitter try holding the smoke in your mouth for a couple of seconds before inhaling.

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  8. Some times it's the harshness not necessarily the heat. I like a good hot bong. Put really hot water in a bong. I cough really bad with an ice cold bong rip Idk why but a good steamy rip I can hold it in all day (not really) and get super baked. Try different things some ppl like different oils in the water to make it minty or taste different. I've used those water flavors like mio and that was awsome. Don't put bleach in there but try out something you like. And for one hitters and pipes there's not really anything you can do

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  9. Probably cause it's so short and ur getting some lighter fluid with the weed

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  10. Hot smoke shooting directly into your lungs will hurt. Keep smoking and eventually you'll get used to it.

    The bong has the smoke going through water and travelling further up the neck which cools the smoke and absorbs some water soluble combustion products which can also contribute to smoothness.
  11. it might be the kind of bud you are trying to smoke through that one hitter.
  12. Imagine the difference here:
    1. The lighter is 3 inches away from your face and you're DIRECTLY inhaling the smoke/heat from the lighter.
    2. The bong has the lighter far away! Also it is going through the water and the smoke has a longer time to sit/travel to your throat.
  13. Imo, ditch the one hitter. They arent worth it when you have a bong. You are directly inhaling the lighter gas and heat so it will be hot/warm. Bongs are really good because the lighter is far away and your throat wont even feel the lighter heat. And you could put cold water or ice in your bong every sesh if you want it even cooler. Bong ftw.

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  14. Idk man to be honest I like the one hitter more, it always give me more smoke and I feel I get higher with it. The throat don't hurt because the smoke is hot, throat hurt only when I take a really big hit.

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