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Throat Burning

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by marktsunami, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, recently I've been noticing that smoking really irritates my throat. It's somewhat of a burning sensation that goes away after a little while, and cold water only seems to make it worse. I'm not really in the market for a vaporizer and don't want to make edibles, but if there's anything some of you experienced dudes have found to soothe the throat, for you to pass on the knowledge would be greatly appreciated :)

    Note: I've been smoking out of a bubbler with ice cold water in it.

  2. Ice catcher makes the smoke cold. I enjoy the cold smoke hitting my throat.
  3. The more you smoke, the less it will bother you :smoke:

    Another good tactic is to cough really hard.. It helps to strengthen your high and make your head feel real nice :bongin:
  4. Water and carbonated beverages seem to irritate my cotton mouth/throat even more. Try juiced/ milk. They are thicker than water so it kind of puts a layer on the throat (not a medical expert but i like to think I am when I'm high) and the carbonation irritates the inflamed tissue

  5. I was thinking I would try milk when that last happened but I could have sworn I heard somewhere that milk kills your high. Any legitimate reason this would be true?

    I know I've heard milk is bad to put IN a bubbler/bong because the fat absorbs (or does whatever, not sure of the correct term) the thc from the smoke, but does anyone know about drinking milk afterwards?

  6. the only thing i can say is smoke more and dont smoke when sick maybe get a vape tho im not a fan of those
  7. If you've started smoking for your first time or you're fairly new you'll get it. I've been smoking for a few months now and I still get it just as bad as I did when I first started.

    You'll just have to put up with it really.
  8. smoke from a bong with ice. it's a good starter to getting used to the smoke, since it's an irritant. you will get used to it. heat really affects your throat and lungs, however
  9. The only thing I can recommend is to let the smoke out slow. It's helped me a lot. Also, remember this.

    "The pain always goes away."

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