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Throat burning on exhale?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by halfstoned, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone. Yeah I know everyone's thinking "newbie smoker" but I've been smoking religiously for the past year. At one period up to 3-4 blunts a day with friends. My throat a beeb hurting when I smoke for probably 4 months now. I thought it was just one of those things that would pass over but doubt seem like it. It seems to hurt more so on exhale then inhale. Doesn't hurt with water bongs but bowls joints and blunts it does. Anyone know why it hasn't healed or gone away yet? I used to take the biggest blunt hits one after another like a champ. Also I rarely smoke blunts anymore because of how bad they are for you. mainly smoke draws now.
  2. Take a week off from smoking
    If it stops you know its from smoking
    If not go see a doc
    It could be an infection/virus
  3. Try to drink some tea to clear up the throat, either that or ginger ale. 
  4. Yeah I was thinking about taking a month break to see if that will help. I quit for 6 days about a month ago and it still was there. I guess ill just find out in a month . Know of anything to drink/eat to help heal the throat?
  5. My bad didn't see your post at the time. Got some kind of herbal hot tea I'm about to whip up now
  6. what the fuuuuucccccckkkkk
  7. You've merely got to accept the fact that using a double-chambered RooR is the way to go if you want to take huge rips with no burn risk

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  8. Its not that I don't except it, just that I can't afford one. Come harvest time I might invest in one. Doubt ill get a double perc one tho as they probly cost around 300. might get a small 80-100$ door with a diffuser stem or something
  9. Whip that shit up! 
  10. Drinkn that shit now. its by celestial seasons or something idk if yall heard of it.
  11. It is all that harsh smoke, it takes a full month for it to go away for me by not smoking.
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    gargle some salt and hot water, but don't swallow it. And the tea was a good idea as well, great remedy. 
  13. I guess ill just find out in a month .[​IMG]
  14. Haha same thing happened to me back in March.. I'm getting my tonsils removed Sept. 4th.. 
    Take it easy, stay away from bowls and 1-hitters. Bongs with ice stacked up will be your friend! 
  15. Damn I think I might have to get my tonsils removed.

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  16. Roll the joint tighter and it should be a smooth smoking experience.
  17. Honestly dude, I think I can speak for anyone who buys medicinal quality cannabis (cured + flushed is essential) that it doesn't burn your throat. If that medicine has been in a mason jar curing for 2-3 months it will never burn y
  18. your throat, trust me
  19. The reason lots of cannabis is harsh is because it hasn't been cured right. When your smoking bud and you feel a harshness or bad taste it's the fact that it wasn't cured right. Cannabis can be dried, but that doesn't mean cure. Cure is when the aerobic bacteria start to eat away at the chlorophyll (plant matter) and in turn makes it less harsh. There's also a difference between harshness and 'lung expansion effect'. That's what I call it. I find that with really potent strains like Blue Cheese, Og, or this particular Landrace Hindu kush I have right now tend to make your lungs expand and somewhat "hurt". It's hard to explain over this but that type of dro makes you take a minute after every hit and recuperate
  20. Mold can make bud harsh and that's a common problem, also due to not drying or curing properly

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