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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jonster, May 19, 2006.

  1. i obught thrive alive B-1, only i took clones 2 days ago, should i use it still or is it too late? if not how can i apply it, i have them in a humidity dome, should i just mix with water and pour in to let drain into peat pellets or should i spray?
  2. any1 even know?
  3. I have not used this stuff before however, I would say that you can add it now and that you can add it into the water and spray it. Just don't over-do the B-1. If you want to wait until someone else comes along with more experience, I will not be insulted :)
  4. i used b1 for transplanting big plants but i dont know about clones.... maybe would work... but yea wait for some more advice :)... but what i would do is wait till they grow in a lil bit.. then when u ready to replant use the b1
  5. i used it arleady yesterday with just a small watering into the peat pellets, today there already looking more healthy, i think threy might make it!
  6. You might want to check out B-52, made by Advanced Nutrients. Its everything that Thrive Alive is and more. B-52 has Humic Acid as well.

    Humic Acid works particularly well teamed up with B-1. So much so I can't think of any reason why the makers of Thrive Alive would leave it out of a B vitamin formula.

    So yeah, AN's B-52 is what I recommend instead of Thrive Alive.
  7. I use Thrive-Alive on all my indoor stuff. For your clones, I would mix it with water and spray as a foliar. I also add some to the water when I soak my rockwool, and usually one very light dose to new sprouts.

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