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  1. So out of all the info on thrips that I've found they all seem to deal with the eradication of the adult thrip. I know this is important because they make new babies. But to me it seems that the adult doesn't cause the damage that the larvae causes. I have only seen one adult in my grow but i have found that the larvae are everywhere. You need a good scope like you use to see the trics.
    For me I noticed that some of the lower small buds looked like they were maturing too fast, or like someone singed off the hairs. The naked eye sees nothing but with the scope you will see hundreds of little worms with front legs sucking on the buds. I thought they were only on those small buds cause there not on the big main buds but after checking my mothers (which seemed to be suffering from heat or lack of airflow) and the mothers were loaded with them too. the slivery patches are only made by the adults, I have no silvery patches. So how is one to know they got the thrip without the silvery patches or if you don't see the adult. If new growth looks stunted or slightly yellow in veg and the leafs look wilted and heat stressed or your buds are maturing or drying on the plant way too soon you might have the thrip. Still working out how to save my mothers and finish the buds so I don't have them next grow. no one wants to smoke bugs!

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  2. Did you ever figured out the thrip problem I’m dealing with it. Ow 3weeks into bloom
  3. use ladybugs they will eat adult eggs and larvea. im using them right now for thirps do a bud wash when you chop. or you can use insecticidal soap and spray for the rest of plants life if you choose not to use ladybugs. but aswell do a budwash at harvest.

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  4. Awesome thank you I was actually going to go buy some lady bugs right now but I wanted to ask about the wash can I do that three weeks into bloom Like the wash you were talking about the picture on my profile is where I’m at right now size wise I have this stuff called dakind flat line says I can use it up to eight weeks
  5. no bud wash is done after chop and trim take 3 5gal pails fill 1rst pail with 20litres tap water add 1cup baking soda with 1 cup lemonjuice. put just tap water in 2nd pail and ro water in 3rd pail.
    take trimed buds on the stem and dunk in pail 1 soda lemon juice water for 10 to 30 seconds then dunk in pail 2 for rinse and then pail 3 to get of tap water sediments hang to dry may take a couple more day to dry keep your water at room tempurature.
  6. Ok thank you I’m super early in bloom and I’ve only seen a few on one plant I’m definitely going for the lady bugs I’m assuming it’s to late to spray the flower areas
  7. not nessicarilly but its harder to get pesticides of during bud wash than dead bug bodies. and its natural so you dont have to worrie about side effects of using pesticides.

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