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  1. are some thrips on one or two leaves anything to worry about 5 week into flower?

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  2. Show the thrips
  3. i would but i just removed the leaves and flushed em they are definitely thrips though

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  4. Did you find an answer for your question? I think I'm having the same issue, also on week 5 flowering

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  5. this far in you shuld make it fine with a few thrips. But depends on heat they can multiply very quick.
    Are you sure it’s 1 or 2 and not 1/200 lol

    At this stage there really nothing you can do alert from keep it cooooold
  6. It Kinda looks like thrips but then it kinda looks like too much nitrogen/light aswell. I've had same marks was to much light which made plant take up more water.. which lead to toxcity.

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