Thrips @ week 6 of flower :(

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    Hi folks,

    Damnit, thrips appeared within the past few days. A friend of mine is dealing with them and I imagine my garden was contaminated via my buddy.

    I have just started week 6 of flower. I first noticed them on some babies. Then on a couple of moms. Then i checked the flower room and sure enough I was able to find a couple of them. They are definitely thrips and they look to be the second larva.

    What can I do at this stage of flower?

    Azamax? Or perhaps Captain Jacks Deadbug? Pyrethrum perhaps? Ladybugs?

    Is it ok to bomb the mom room with the moms in?

    Also, the flower room uses rockwool as a medium. Soil for moms.

    I know there are many options but at this stage of flower i'm uncertain as to what is unhealthy to use.

    Any help is appreciated as today I must make a call on how to deal with this matter.

    Thanks so much
  2. I'm off to find the cure.

    What i've been able to deduce is that I need to get myself some Spinosad first and foremost. This should be safe at this point in the grow. I'm not sure of this but will find out at the shop. Also some safesoap and/or azamax.

    Maybe some ladybugs or blue pest strips. I'm going to have to rely on my buddies info at the grow shop.

    I'll let you guys know what i'm going to use and how it turns out.

  3. my friend and local store reccomends goGnats for thrips. it is made by HydrOrganics (people who make EJ). it based on cedar oil.

    im sure azamax would also help greatly.

    i have never had thrips before, but a close friend of mine has. he said the goGonats worked great.
  4. So i picked up some Monterey Garden Insect Spray and some ladybugs.

    I'm going to use the Insect Spray, which is Spinosad, on the mom room and soil.

    I'll use the ladybugs to control the situation in the flower room until harvest after which i'm going to bomb using a few Pyrethum bombs.

    This should work. My only question is about the Insect Spray. I'm unsure if it's ok to use in the soil. Guess we're going to find out.
  5. It's the day after treatment using the Spinosad and I can't find any more thrips.

    I decided to spray both rooms. Using a sprayer I nailed both the upper and lower leaves. I drenched everything. I spent about an 90 minutes looking for thrips on the leaves and I can't find any.

    I also watered the soil plants using approximately 1 tbsp. per gallon. There does not appear to be in adverse effects in the day after application.

    For some redundancy I will add in some ladybugs in a few days.

    If there are any new developments i'll keep ya posted.
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