Thrips vs catapillers? (detailed pics)

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    I have seen small white bugs on my plant, and small brown bugs on my plant. But only one or two MAX of each, throughout the last few months (and I did see a small darker bug today, it hopped away quick). After the last large amounts of rain (in the Northeast U.S.) these large holes started showing up. All but one of these pics are from my smallest plant, which is my only regular seed plant, so I don't mind too much...but its DESTROYED lol There have been a decent amount of miscellaneous holes throughout one of my plants, but not it has def. excelled. Any advice if these are Caterpillar holes (I have not seen any)? Should I get ladybugs or use neem oil?

    Thank you for reading!

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  2. looks like caterpillars bro
  3. Is there any connection between three consecutive days of downpour/thunderstorms and caterpillars? I have not seen so many large bites until this happened. I have seen a few small white and brown bugs, but that's always been usual.

    Now I sprayed my plants down with a garlic & 100% peppermint oil, to try and be rid any bugs from my plants. Any advice?

  4. yeah....worms dwell in soil.....when the soil gets flooded they tend to rise to the surface.......and they love wet foliage too.....all plant eating pests love when they are wet and get rid of worms use a product called BT Caterpillar spray it on the plants....they eat it and it rots there stomach inside out......if you don't get rid of them now you will have worms eating your buds come flowering.
  5. Thank you guys a bunch. I just picke up a pint of the spinosad monterery garden insect spray. do you advise i spray every fan leave, top and bottom side?
  6. is it bad to over spray?
  7. anyone??
  8. Control moths butterflies and beetles and you have her licked. Try to get it under control before budding. and yeah Spinosad @ 2x strength is instant gratification.:D
  9. basically ive sprayed my plants 3 days ago and today. i dumped an entire bottle of this stuff all over the surrounding plants/bushes/ground lol. is it common to see a bunch of random nats flying around the plants at sunset? i think this stuff is helping a little...but i still see tiny nibbles and some leaves bitten off
  10. Any grasshoppers or crickets around anywhere? I'm in MD and thanks to the past two warm winters we have been over run with them here. I had the same affects and checked everyday three times a day for a week or two and never saw one bug on the plants. One night I finally caught one on a plant and watched him completely devour a leaf in no more than 30 jaw dropped!

    Needless to say it doesn't take but one or two of these bastards to destroy a plant in a couple days. I already lost my first transplant this year in a matter of two days to em.

    They are extremely hard to control but the home made garlic mix instructions I found online worked the best for me and it was all organic so I could spray up to harvest.

  11. Dayuuum. I understand that. This is how it is for me- one plant is fine, the next 2 largest have minor to medium bites out of them, and the smallest plant is a french fry, its fucked! I dont understand why they only go for the same 3 plants and not my largest?

  12. Go out at night and look at the plants with a flashlight. It may be cut worms and you will not see them in the day except sometimes when it is raining. They are in the ground. So whatever produced them probably put them under those 3 plants or all of the plants and those are the first to hatch out, possibly.:smoke:
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    I will most definitely go back there tonight. I just don't understand how to get rid of them! Every 3 days I spray them with either the garlic and peppermind oil or the spinosad liquid mixture (which Chunk previously reccomended). I also spray every single bush and tree around my plants, and ground, to try and help. I believe this stuff is helping a little bit. But every couple days I still see escalated bites and such. The local nursery doesn't know much more than I do about a liquid mixture that I could water into the ground with- so are there any suggestions on a mixture like that?

    Also, here are a couple more pics from this past week...
    EDIT:Sorry the second picture I had already posted.

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  14. Spinosad is for worms mostly does a bang up job on fleas too, but if you do have the cutworms do a drench with 1x strength. Be sure they are watered well then depending on the size and root spam soak the soil at the base of the plant. Transient bugs will always be a reality in the outdoors so unless infested like w/spider mites or if you have cut worms there isn't much you can do about those just passing through and stopping for a meal. All you can do is pray he don't bring buddies. But if the leaf he eats has a dose of spinosad, he will eat no more. Then the next guy comes along.

    Always use @ 2x strength for spider mites.
  15. ^ I think your on the same boat as me. I just check them, with 3-4 days ago being my last check. Now there are only about one to two or three leave per plant that is still getting cut up. But shit, I'll take it. None of the mass swarms of holes and bites have been there the past I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hey, what evidence can you inform me that will tell me I have cutworms? Also spinsosad is only for spray, not to be mixed with the watering water?

    **One thing I can most definitely tell you all is a decent amount of the little sprouts of other plants and some bushes around my plants too have bites out of them, similar to the ones in my plant. So I don't think it's what you guys call, "cutworms".

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