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thrips really bad please help!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jed1970, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. hya all ill try keep it short-got thrips-millions(it seems)tried varios pyrethrum based sprays and hasnt touched the issue.
    theyre not touching my girl just seem 2 b breeding there?now im growing 1 girl in good compost and im in week 5 of flowering of ak48-buds crystally and trichs 30% dark-
    my query is can i harvest now without losing alot of potentcy or shud i put up with the plague for another month?wot u think?i just want to chuck the soil out the window to b rid of the crawling-jumping things-ps im in the uk alot of anti thrip products i cant get hold of and the sticky yellow traps arent addressing the larvae-im really stuck any help greatly appreciated-pic attached
    ta in advance jed

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  2. 1. huh?
    2. nice plants
  3. I'd put up with it till the plant shows some kind of stress.

    No point chopping yet if the buds arent affected.
    Nice plant btw, looks perfectly fed, watered and trained.
  4. English is fun isn't it?
  5. ta for that-sorry bout the poor typing
    the funny thing is they dont touch my girl just shaggin in the dirt!glad you sed to leave em for now only 4 week then ill delouse the whole room-the plant was originally my 1st attempt at low stress training lol:wave:
  6. I could tell :p

    Good luck getting rid of the thrips!

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