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  1. So I sprayed my plants with a solution that's on the bottle, 1.5 tsp in a Windex size bottle and a 1/2 tsp of soap on Saturday.. can I spray today because ummmm I'm seeing new damage and I'm about to flower.. the bottle says every 2 weeks but I assume that's if you feed thru roots..

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  2. if you are seeing new damage ...I would suggest holding off flowering until it's under control...


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  3. It's outdoors brotha.. out of my control.. I'll just continue lightly spraying I guess.. I'm just seeing those first pistils up top.. I also have the organic spray from green eagle,nai my for everything but thrips.. should I use the neem or the organic pesticide? I wanna get it under control so I think if I spray the neem every 3 days I can have it under control for a month until these temps go down 20 degrees then the bugs will subdue around here
  4. 2 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth into a gallon of ph 6 cold water ...DOUSE the plant with that ...

    when diatomaceous earth comes in contact with water it neutralizes the "glass" like properties BUT when said mix dries up on the leaves the properties return ...this will shred those adult Fuckers into pieces and the new larvae that hatches will also shred to you the win ! do it for 2 weeks every other day'll see.

    also spread an inch of the de powder on top of the soil ...this will cut those demons in half as they hatch...being that your outside you have to keep up with it ...and remember when it's wet it's kinda useless ...but when it dries's like microscopic glass that no pests can escape. GOOD LUCK


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  5. Two different options for home remedy I been using to control mites that is a 1tbs of bleach to 1 gallon of water or a 1:9 ratio of 92% isopropyl alcohol and water neither will damage the plant and as long as u don't already have buds forming it won't hurt anything and u can spray either of those solutions onto your plant once every 2 days actually switching back and forth has had the best effect for me getting rid of these dang mites

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  6. Totally safe and the alcohol solution will not only kill bugs in the plant but repulse new ones as well

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  7. Captain jack spinosad for thrips. Spray till harvest. You'll be fine. There's a good chance you're gonna have to if outdoors. It's not like the bugs say, "hey look, it's flowering now, let's leave it alone". It's quite the opposite actually especially with mites and caterpillars (your worst nightmare). Try that DE trick. I might even try it.

    For mites..... Literally just water them off everyday when it's hot so that everything can dry as quickly as possible when flowering. Dont worry about burning leaves with pure water. That's a myth. I do it literally everyday in 110 to 120 degree weather. Once u start using oils then u should be careful when spraying during day.
  8. The thrips that I have gargle neem like toothpaste. No effect... whatsoever... the ones that I spray directly just go for a little swim and then jump away
  9. If you have a nearby plant that youre not gonna ingest infested with mites then I'd suggest to nuke it with real chemicals from Bayer or similar company. If you can get rid of the source it would make a humongous difference
  10. I'm planning on ingesting.. but man I have some nice long pistils coming put, I sprayed the neem solution tonight, idk how far along y all are talking about using until.. because on some bottles it says safe until harvest.. when should I absolutely stop using the neem oil? And I'm spraying the green eagle insect annihilator 100% organic pesticide, when should I stop use?

    And so if I spray and then water down everyday then won't it wash it off? I attached pics of the plant I most care about, the one in talking about.. it's such a dope, pretty plant and these fuckin thrips are killing me with the ugliness
  11. By plant I was referring to like a tree or random shrub. Im not sure when you're supposed to stop. I'm pretty sure that all depends on your environment. If you have grasshoppers that ravage your plant then you might have to do it till harvest. Spidermite, I'd prob just stop a week before. At that point they aren't going to do any serious damage. Some even say that stress in the last week increases thc
  12. Really? Like it panics, doesn't know what to do and ju at pumps out sugars?
  13. W
    'll I sprayed again last night and spray the rocks and wall around the plants with the organic pesticide to see if that will help subdue pests somewhat and prevent new ones at least if there s a bunch of shit that hugs don't like in a corner then hopefully they'll stay away.. but the clay pellets have helped keep bugs off the soil and what not.. no ants or those little microscopic jumping things
  14. Ive never had experience with the green eagle stuff. If you want to keep it "omri" approved t
    Yah I can't confirm if it actually works but a lot of people have made that claim. Same thing with sticking thumb tacks into stems, slicing main stalk and shoving something in between. All sorts of little tricka. And yes that's pretty much the idea. Plant panics and produces extra sugar

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